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By Faith and Rain, 7 January, 2024
A Christian family playing board games.

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Christianity is a large entity with a history that spans thousands of years, with billions of active members across the world.

This creates a huge market for games that align with the faith, beliefs, and practices of Christianity.

Christian board games can help deliver quality biblical education all the while having all the members of the family have a ball.

Unlike conventional games which are built on competition, Christian board games are built to be collaborative.

This allows all the people to work together which makes it that much more fun.

At the same time, Christian games allow young people to discuss controversial topics with which there might be no other avenue.

This allows for healthier relationships overall as well as better mental health for the kids involved.

Best Christian Board Games Reviews

Late for the Sky Bibleopoly

Late for the Sky Bibleopoly - Board Game

As the name suggests, this game combines the world-famous game monopoly with the remarkable sights of the bible.

In this game, you can trade property with friends featuring the best locations of the bible.

Players from the get-go can visit the cities you have only heard of, you can meditate, celebrate your community, and even occasionally interact with the abyss.

This game brings all players involved having to pit players against one another and encourages collaborative effort to win by doing community service.

From your wins, you can win bricks and a steeple you can use to build your church. You can build churches and spread the gospel just like God intended.


Though this game is very close to Monopoly, borrowing its moniker from the game, it differs in some key ways.

Unlike Monopoly, players are not rewarded with the accumulation of money, instead, Bilbleopoly is driven by the accumulation of good deeds.

The more good deeds you can perform and accumulate the better you would be doing.

While performing all these great deeds, you get to travel on the routes traveled through all the important cities that personalities from the Bible did.

This creates a situation where players and believers feel better connected to their faith as the lessons of the good book are directly influential to the game.

All through the game, the secondary objective is to try and not get lured into the abyss; this directly mirrors the universal struggle that all Christians have to grapple with.

As you continue to play the game, Bible verses are included in the cards, which allows kids to learn more about the Bible as they keep playing.

It also gives important facts about the cities that will be featured in the game. Children will come out of the game more knowledgeable and more connected to the Bible than before they started playing.

The winner of the game is the one who builds a church the fastest. This can be very exciting while enhancing the lessons of the gospel and the need to spread it.

It also teaches good strategy and planning, as it is the only way to win the game.


  • Fun for the whole family being playable by 2-6 people
  • Collaborative as you cannot win without assisting fellow players
  • Opportunity to learn more about the Bible
  • Family-friendly as children as well as adults can engage with it
  • Versatile as you can play for an hour or the traditional play
  • Teaches Christian values


  • It has convoluted instructions
  • The excitement of Monopoly is diminished when compared to the game

Ideal Children's Bible Trivia Game

Ideal Children's Bible Trivia Game

The Ideal company has a legacy of over 100 years where they have consistently set standards for toys and games across the world.

The game is based on teachings from the greatest book of all time based on a perfect combination of strategy, smarts, and just enough luck to keep the game that much more interesting.

As a trivia game, the objective is to answer several questions based on categories such as history, the Old Testament, the New Testament, geography, the miracles and their prophets, letters, names, and sequences and numbers.

The game features a flight on a rainbow where you can go up the more answers you get right.

There are over 1,000 questions to be answered which guarantees it will be a while before the game gets boring.


This game is based on the Bible with trivia questions that get at directly the lessons, geography, and the history associated with the Bible.

It is the perfect game for the whole family as it can accommodate two to six people.

It requires great smarts, strategy, and a heavy dose of luck to ensure the game is just interesting enough to keep going round after round.

Based on the King James Version of the Bible, the game features about a thousand questions to challenge you on the history of biblical heroic characters while dolling out inspirational messages to empower you and your kids as you have fun.

It is perfect for families looking to study the Bible while engaging in good Christian fun.

The game is family-friendly with kids six years or older being capable of joining in the fun. It can teach children strategy which is a skill they can utilize down the line in their lives.

The parts are however small enough for children to choke on, so this requires a lot of attention on the side of the adults.


  • Fun for the whole family
  • Teaches biblical lessons
  • Enhances strategic skills across all ages
  • Exciting with over 1000 questions and answers based on the King James Version
  • Child-friendly design


  • Poor quality game pieces
  • The game does not accommodate larger groups

Christian Culture - The Game of Christian Conversation

Christian Culture - The Game of Christian Conversation

This game has very peculiar origins where the creator is under immense stress and disappointment where they keep asking God why they have to suffer this immense pain.

From the pain, evolution followed with great admiration for the greatness and grace of God. This created a deep need for a greater connection with Jesus, and from those questions came this game.

The game is designed to help people who went through what the author of the game went through and acts as a guide to get them out of that state.

A lot of the questions the author was grappling with are included in the game as well as other questions people have wondered about and discussed over the years.

The game is built to inspire people to be in a position where they can know God better and inspire others to do the same.


This game is very personal to the creator and that comes through when you play the game.

As a message to the players, the creator urges them to be good to themselves and not too hard. Instead, the creator urges the players to seek out God when they feel a bit overwhelmed.

This makes the game very important to the young Christian community that may feel overwhelmed by the weight of their responsibility and the temptations of the world.

The game's design is very intuitive and features various color-coded cards representing various categories.

The red cards represent hot topics, the blue cards represent the icebreakers, green for the interpretations, and yellow for the stories.

This design makes the game easy to pick up and advance at the right pace. This allows families to play the game without getting stumped.

The icebreakers are great to get started without anxiety. The hot topics introduce controversial topics that are guaranteed to keep the game exciting.

Stories feature a personal conversation about other people while interpretations feature discussions on the stories of the Bible.


  • Its non-competitive fun for the family
  • Comprehensive with 103 conversation starters
  • 10% of the proceeds go to community development initiatives in Africa
  • It's comprehensive due to its card system
  • Very educative to children


  • The construction is poor
  • The game is costly

So You Think You Know The Bible - A Fun Bible Trivia Game

So You Think You Know The Bible - A Fun Bible Trivia Game

This is the most fun way to learn the lessons of the Bible. This game allows people of all ages to engage with lessons from the Bible.

It is perfect for families, friends, or even entire church groups. It features over 500 questions ensuring the game always stays fresh.


The game is designed for people over the age of 10. The design of the game makes it a great gift for all people from teens to newly married couples.

With 300 cards and over 500 questions, the game will be exciting for even the longest gameplay sessions.

The game has various categories which will drive excitement to higher levels. It also features action cards to elevate the excitement of the game.

In all the excitement, the game also manages to teach valuable lessons on the Bible and its beliefs while spreading fun to the whole family.

The collaborative nature of the games as opposed to the competitive nature of conventional games breeds greater social skills among players.

These skills can be transferred and remain a relevant tool in the tool belt of all the kids involved. At the same time, it can help build greater bonds among family members who engage in this game.

The games are also a great booster in confidence. The game is built to be nurturing depending on the support of your peers. This confidence translates to their lives and improves productivity.


  • It is quite fun
  • The game is very educational at teaching Christian beliefs
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Has enough questions to keep it exciting
  • You can play with multiple people


  • It can be difficult for some kids

Christian Conversation Starter Cards for Game Night

Christian Conversation Starter Cards for Game Night

This game aims to introduce meaningful conversation and enlightenment through honest and open questions within various Christian groups.

The cards are created with the intent to be as clear and comprehensible to all Christians.

All of this guides the indirect intervention of ministry and experts in communication to help guide the conversation.

The card's guiding philosophy is to make the cards as comprehensible as possible to all Christians.

This makes them great fun for all members of the family. The game uses the universal approach to deliver real conversations with children about the Bible and how it relates to real-world personal crises.

The packaging is quite beautiful, making it a great gift for young Christians and their families.


This game is designed to be fun for the entire family.

The creators take this very seriously, having invested in the language with the help of communication experts to make it as accessible as possible to young children.

This makes this game great for families with kids, as parents can easily engage with the game.

The cards are split into different categories that are meant to guide the conversation.

The questions are developed to make the players feel as comfortable as possible and this allows layers of theological knowledge to be absorbed by all people.

It also helps guide children to have conversations about real-world issues.

The game is designed for all people. It has six different variants that were developed for specific groups, for example, one for couples and families.

This is meant to spread biblical ideas to everyone and make them accessible to everyone. This will help strengthen their faith while bringing them that much closer.


  • Ignites meaningful communication
  • Created to be accessible to everyone
  • It will help enhance your faith
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Versatile as it has variants for different groups


  • It can be very expensive


Christian board games are a great tool for educators. They can teach children valuable lessons from the Bible while making it fun and engaging.

Teaching children about the Bible can be boring and non-engaging to children, which makes conventional routes ineffective.

At the same time, these games help stimulate young brains which have been proven to lead to greater cognitive abilities.

Through Christian board games, children can engage with controversial topics that would be out of bounds in other groups.

This allows parents to engage in these topics and allows the children to have a more balanced and relevant education on their day-to-day life.

As children engage with these games, they can work together polishing their social skills for the future.

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