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Best Prayer Cards – Complete Reviews

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If you are a believer in Christ and you want to strengthen your faith, you should consider investing in prayer cards.

Pretty simple, these usually feature prayers and words of wisdom that will help you fight through daily challenges and overcome any insecurities that you may have.

Given the fact that there is a variety of such offers on the market, we’ve done some research to create a list of the best prayer cards. To help you, we will cover the main features, pros, and cons of our top five products. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Best Prayer Cards Reviews

Christian Art Gifts Devotions for Men

Whether you want to get yourself a set of prayer cards or you are looking for a nice gift, this Christian Art product stands as a fine choice.

What you are getting is 150 different cards which come with prayers, words of wisdom and strength, as well as a plethora of Bible verses that will strengthen your faith in the Word and God.

Most cards are concise and are made to provide you with the necessary strength to move through your daily challenges.


First, and foremost, we want to discuss the design of this product. The highlight point is the 75 double-sided cards, each coming with a unique bible verse/devotion in a short, readable, and inspiring form.

It is great to know that the verses aren’t from a single translation but that Christian Art Gifts invested effort into putting devotions from NIV, NLT, and NKJV translations.

The prayer cards are set at 3.5 by 4.5 inches in size making them a travel-friendly choice. In addition to that, you will get a sturdy metal tin box that is excellent for storing or transporting your Christian Art Gifts devotion cards.

We are happy that this is a product that is suitable for young men and adults as it comes with simple-to-read verses and is set to inspire and help you grow your faith.

Not only that but we consider this product to be a fantastic choice for pastors and spiritual fathers as it can be used for teaching students and common believers using the meaningful messages from these prayer cards.

Discussing the contents, you will find that all 150 cards come with a unique prayer, scripture, and devotion that will support you in your faith. It is a versatile product that will encourage anyone to spend more time praying or thinking about God.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come in the form of a desk calendar. This format is offered by some of its competitors and is a great option if you want to track your progress throughout the year.

Still, the fact that it includes 150 different prayer cards and that they all come with devotion, prayer, and scripture makes the Christian Art Gifts a product that you should consider!


  • Includes 150 prayer cards (75 double-sided)
  • Each card comes with a devotion, prayer, and a scripture
  • Features a sturdy tin box for storage and transportation
  • Inspiring and simple to understand
  • Suitable for young and older men


  • Doesn’t come in the form of a desk calendar

Devotions for Families Mini Moments with God

If you want to spend quality family time then you are best investing in this set of prayer cards. Manufactured by Christian Art Gifts, it features 150 devotions and messages that are suitable for parents and children.

All the cards are illustrated by Agnes de Bezenac and are not only inspiring but also incredibly fun to read. Furthermore, you are getting a 5.2 by 2.4 by a 4.1-inch tin box that is perfect for putting away and transporting these devotion cards.


Whether you are looking to get a gift for a baby shower or the birthday of your friend’s daughter/son, it is the right choice. First and foremost, each card comes with a relevant scripture that is directly related to a bible verse and should inspire kids and adults to grow in their faith.

In addition to that, it comes with a unique message that you may use either as a life lesson or to start a conversation with other Christian believers. In most cases, these are inspiring devotions that can be discussed within a Christian community.

The main reason why this product is a great choice for families is because of the child prayer that it comes with.

Apart from being a good product to use as you are enjoying family time, it can also support your little one during Sunday School. Not only that but the best way to spark interest in faith is through short, inspiring, and illustrated messages.

Similar to the aforementioned product, you are getting 75 double-sided cards all coming with a unique message, scripture, and a child prayer. Keep in mind that the prayer cards come with vivid illustrations of biblical stories or the representation of the devotion on the specific card.

The storage box is made out of tin and should stand through heavy use. The only thing that we would change is that we would make the prayer cards sturdier.

Other than that, you are looking at an affordable and versatile product that makes a fantastic gift for any Christian believer.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Includes 75 double-sided cards with unique illustrations
  • Each card comes with a scripture, life lesson, and a powerful child prayer
  • Features a metal tin box for storage and transportation
  • Perfect for enjoying family time or using in Sunday School


  • The cards could be sturdier

Christian Art Gifts Scripture Prayer Cards in Tin

Moving on with our list of the best prayer cards, we want to present another product designed by Christian Art Gifts.

Perfect for men and women of any age, it comes in the form of 50 double-sided prayer cards which feature a proverb, word from scripture, or a powerful message that will inspire you to push through daily challenges.

You are also getting an elegant black and yellow tin box that is set at 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches and is ideal to put away your prayer cards.


There are several advantages of this product and the first one is its sleek design. Thus, you can not only use it on your way to church (to memorize a prayer) but also have it set on your counter/desk for everyday use.

In addition to that, the low-profile structure of the prayer cards is ideal for carrying them in your pocket. On top of all that, we found that they work perfectly as a bookmark for a Bible or any other religious book.

If you buy the set, you will get 50 double-sided pocket cards that come with a unique scripture message as well as a life lesson. In our opinion, it is a good choice if you are a Christian believer who wants to strengthen their faith and also if you are a spiritual leader who needs to inspire and help others.

This “A Word for Today” set of prayer cards is ideal as a gift given its luxurious tin box and the convenient design of the message cards.

Not only that but it is great to know that Christian Art Gifts include a variety of translations making this product a more valuable source of the Scripture and the Word.

What we would like to see are more illustrations. Often, it is much easier to understand a certain message if it is accompanied by some type of artwork or a visual explanation (especially if you are a Christian believer who is reading the Bible for the first time).

Other than that, it is an affordable set of prayer cards that can be put to a different use.


  • Set at a reasonable price
  • Coming with 50 double-sided cards each featuring a specific Scripture message and a life lesson
  • Highlighted by an attractive black and yellow design
  • Featuring a storage tin box
  • Messages from different translations


  • Doesn’t come with illustrations

DaySpring Our Our Daily Bread Promise Box with Scripture Cards

If what you are looking to get is an inspiring and colorful set of prayer cards then you are in the right place.

Manufactured by DaySpring it is set at 4.25 x 2 x 2.25 inches and is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs to strengthen their faith and remember the Word of God while on the road and during office hours.


It is safe to say that DaySpring offers one of the most innovative products out there. Firstly, we love the Promise Box in which you can store the 120 unique scripture cards.

It is great to know that cards come in different colors and with inspiring and simple-to-understand proverbs/life lessons that will strengthen your faith. Not only that but we love that DaySpring included two promises per card.

What it means is that you will remember that God has his plans for you and that you shouldn’t give up no matter how hard the situation may be.

God always fulfills his promises and it is something that will stick to your mind with the 240 different promises from Scripture and the Bible.

The cards are set at 4.25 x 2 x 2.25 inches and are made of cardstock. The only issue that we have with this product is that it doesn’t use multiple translations to source the messages/proverbs.

Thus, you will be only instructed to the proverbs and Scripture from the KJV translation.

Still, the vivid design as well as the fact that you are getting 120 completely different prayer cards is a good reason to invest in the DaySpring Our Our Daily Bread Promise Box.


  • Comes with a fancy promise box for storage
  • Features 120 scripture cards with unique messages
  • More than 240 promises to inspire you
  • Set at 4.25 x 2 x 2.25 inches, made of cardstock
  • Suitable for desk use, travel-friendly


  • Only KJV translation

Christian Art Gifts Devotions for Women

Last but certainly not least is a product that is designed specifically for female Christian believers.

Highlighted by a pink floral design, the tin box is set at 5.2 x 2.4 x 4.1 inches in size and is ideal for storing all of the 75 double-sided cards. The featured Bible verses and prayers will help you grow in your faith and feel God’s presence.


There are a few points that highlight the Christian Art Gifts Devotions for Women.

First, and foremost, all of the cards are double-sided and come with a unique scripture message that is derived from a variety of translations. In addition to that, the prayer card features a life lesson as well as a prayer.

In our opinion, it is an ideal choice for any woman who wants to feel the joy and presence of God. The cards are made of cardstock and stored in an aesthetically pleasing tin box. You can have it on your desk or take the prayer cards on the road with you.

It is great to know that all of the Scripture messages are simple to understand and will provide you with the necessary motivation to push through daily challenges and life hardships.

As mentioned above, the author, Nina Smit, sources various translations including NIV, NLT, and NKJV.

As for the downsides, the cards could be bigger as you will find them to be about the same size as a business card. Still, the content as well as the powerful messages that this set features make it a worthy choice.


  • Comes with 75 double-sided cards
  • All cards feature a unique Scripture message, life lesson, and a prayer
  • Features a prestigious pink tin box
  • It is travel-friendly and suitable for desk use
  • Sources various translations (NIV, NLT, NKJV)


  • The cards could be bigger

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, both Christian Art Gifts and Day Spring did a phenomenal job manufacturing inspiring prayer cards. Our personal favorite is the Christian Art Gifts Scripture Prayer Cards in Tin which is an elegant pocket-sized set that can be used for different occasions.

On second comes the DaySpring Our Our Daily Bread Promise Box with Scripture Cards which is a versatile and powerful choice as long as you don’t mind that it sources a single translation (KJV).

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