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Best Prayer Journals – Complete Reviews

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With Christianity being the most practiced religion in the world, it isn’t a surprise that the market offers a wide variety of prayer-inspired products. Our personal favorite?

Journals in which you can record your progress, what you are praying for, and reflect on inspiring verses on a whole other level. To help you find the best one for you, we’ve done a lot of research, creating a list of the best prayer journals on offer.

In this article, you will find the best prayer journal options, both paperback and spiral-bound “trackers”, with their pros and potential downsides. Let’s get started!

Prayer Journal Reviews

Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Week Scripture

Designed by Shannon Roberts, this product is both scripture and a prayer journal. It is spiritually inspiring and comes with a series of verses and reflections that will strengthen your faith.

Available in paperback and spiral-bound, it is a product that should last you for a whole year. Apart from the verses and reflections, you will find a spacious writing area for all 52 weeks.


First and foremost, we want to address the scripture part of this product. It covers a variety of themes, including Adversity and Trials, Awe and Sovereignty, Fear, Grace and Forgiveness, God’s Love, Provision and Faithfulness, and Inner Beauty and Love.

These verses go a long way. Apart from allowing you to reflect on the Word, this scripture will guide you through strengthening your bond with God. It is great to know that this prayer journal can be used for individual and group studies.

As mentioned above, it covers 52 weeks (one whole year) with four pages devoted to each week. Thus, you shouldn’t have an issue writing down all of your reflections and thoughts. Our only issue is that there isn’t a designated space for prayers.

On the other hand, you will find a special section in which you can write what you prayed for that week – great if you want to track the progress that you are making.

The page size is set at 8 x 10 inches – perfect to fit beautiful illustrations and offer a spacious writing area. Shannon Roberts didn’t only determine the content of this prayer journal but also did all of the art.

Among the different sections that this Prayer Journal for Women – 52 Week Scripture features is the “Reflect” page, which includes the most common thoughts and questions for the covered verse.

In addition to that, you get two pages to write your reflections and requests. Also, there is the aforementioned tracker space. Overall, while it doesn’t come with a writing area for prayers, this journal offers all other essentials.

Not only that, but it is aesthetically pleasing and comes at an affordable price. Thus, we would recommend it not only to women but also to everyone else who is fine with the floral design.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Four pages per week
  • Made to cover you for 52 weeks (one whole year)
  • Verses are thematically arranged
  • Two full pages for journal writing (per week)
  • Available in spiral-bound and paperback


  • No space to write whole prayers

The Prayer Journal for Him: A Daily Christian Journal for Men to Practice Gratitude, Reduce Anxiety and Strengthen Your Faith

If what you are looking for is an elegant and vegan-friendly journal, then you are in the right place.

This one is designed by the young NBA star, Jarett Culver, who states spiritual practices are the foremost secret to his success. This prayer journal is designed to strengthen your bond with God and create healthy habits.


According to the man who designed this sophisticated prayer journal, reflecting and writing your thoughts and prayers is one of the best ways to move closer to your goals and improve your overall well-being.

Set at a reasonable price, it is eco-friendly and made from black vegan leather. With that in mind, you will benefit from a sturdy journal while being confident that you are acting eco-consciously.

It is probably the most aesthetically pleasing product in this sphere. Not only that, but it comes with an elastic closure band to ensure that it is travel-friendly and that the content inside your journal is protected from external factors.

Discussing the innovative design details, you will love the page ribbons that you can use to track your progress. It features 180 pages that you can write on. Thus, you are getting almost four whole pages for your prayers, requests, and reflections.

Most importantly, the layout is pretty simple and something that you will get used to within minutes. One of the coolest points is the community prompts.

Similar to the aforementioned product, this prayer journal can be used for individual and group study sessions. Set at 5.5 x 8 inches, you should be able to take it anywhere you go.

The timeless design and great writing capacity will allow you to cover your daily goals and inspirations, and express gratitude.

While the verses aren’t thematically arranged, this journal does come with scripture reflections. In addition to that, it offers a designated space in which you can write about answered prayers.

Is there anything wrong with it? Apart from the fact that it doesn’t come with scripture-inspired art, it is a reliable and elegant product that you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Set at a great price
  • Made out of vegan leather and with an elastic band closure
  • 180 pages for writing your thoughts and reflections
  • Designated space for writing about answered prayers
  • Comes with community prompts
  • Highlighted by a simple writing layout


  • Doesn’t include scripture art

My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide to the Prayer, Praise, and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering

Moving on with our list of the best prayer journals, we present you with a product sold by CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

It is highlighted by an attractive floral design on a navy blue background and offers 108 pages for writing your thoughts, prayers, and reflections. Not only that, but it is available in a spiral-bound and paperback design.


First and foremost, you should understand that this journal resembles a prayer log. While the manufacturer published it as a guide, you aren’t getting thematically arranged verses or reflections of the Word.

It all comes down to you, writing down your favorite daily verse, thoughts about what you are thankful for, and your answered players. It also includes a designated space for your upcoming prayer requests.

It’s not very difficult; practically every page has the same writing places. There are around 9 pages with sentences printed on them that emphasize various Bible scriptures.

Most importantly, there is plenty of space for writing and coloring. The price is justified by the quality! It’s approximately the size of a coloring book and not too heavy, so it’ll be easy to transport.

Among our favorite design details is the verse at the front of this journal that points to Psalm 17:6, calling God to hear us and answer our prayers.

While it is designed as a compact and travel-friendly journal, this product will affect you on a daily basis. Apart from being able to reflect on your prayers and your upcoming plans, you should also use it to write about what you’ve accomplished so far with the help of God.

Keep in mind that it is a journal for three months. With that in mind, the 108 pages should be more than enough. Overall, you are looking at an affordable and simple prayer journal that will strengthen your faith and keep you aware of the great work that God is doing for you.


  • Made to fit most bags/purses, travel-friendly
  • Comes with an attractive floral design on a navy blue background
  • Offers 108 pages that you can write on
  • Powerful verses on front of the journal
  • It will cover your thoughts, reflections, and prayers for up to 3 months


  • Isn’t a guide, but rather a prayer log

Good Morning God Prayer Journal

Designed and published by DaySpring, you are looking at an extensive prayer journal that offers 192 pages for writing.

While it doesn’t come in a spiral-bound version, the paperback is made with longevity in mind, which means that this journal won’t tear apart from everyday use. It comes with a beautiful white floral design on a turquoise background.


Firstly, we want to highlight that this prayer journal is suitable for men and women (unlike some competitors which specify “him” or “her”). Set at 6.3 x 0.6 x 7.8 inches in size and weighing just around 14.5 ounces, it is a transport-friendly product that you can take on any trip.

Speaking of the capacity, you have almost 200 pages to write and reflect on, strengthening your spirit and expressing thankfulness for everything that is happening to you.

The layout is pretty simple and comes with a daily verse on top of the left page, under which you will find an area designated for writing down a prayer.

On the right side of this journal, you can write and reflect on all the reasons why God is good. It isn’t only a fantastic section to test your faith, but it also tracks your progress as you will be able to get back to the answered prayers. If you ask us, it is one of the greatest gifts for any Christian believer.

Talking about the downsides, we didn’t like that all of the pages are a bit raised. Thus, it is pretty tricky to write your thoughts and prayers unless the journal is resting on a flat surface.

Still, there isn’t anything else that we would change, as DaySpring did a fantastic job designing a journal that acts both as a guide and a prayer log. Overall, it is an affordable and inspiring product that you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Aesthetically pleasing, with a white floral design on a turquoise background
  • Daily verse on the top of the left page
  • Sections for writing prayers and expressing your thankfulness
  • Comes with 192 pages to reflect and write your thoughts
  • Travel-friendly, available in a paperback format


  • The paper isn’t 100% flat

Christian Art Gifts Brown Faux Leather Journal

Last but certainly not least is a prayer journal inspired by the 29:11 Bible Verse – I Know the Plans. Designed and released by Christian Art Gifts, it is a vegan-friendly log that can be used by believers of any age or gender.

It is set at 6 x 8.5 inches in size and comes with 400 lined pages on which you will be able to write prayers, thoughts, and reflections.


We have to say that this product is the most elegant out of all five prayer journals.

Made with imitation leather and offered in an attractive brown, it is a perfect gift for anyone who likes the aesthetics of genuine leather but wants to stay vegan friendly.

The inspiring Jeremiah verse (29:11) is engraved at the front and will follow you on your path to building faith and succeeding in your goals.

The functionality of this prayer journal is pretty impressive. While it doesn’t come with guide-related features, you will find a daily verse at the bottom of each page.

In addition to that, the 400 lined pages that you can write on will have you covered for months and probably over a whole year.

As for the appealing design details, Christian Art Gifts made sure that each page is gold-gilded and resistant to bleeding (you are welcome to use watercolors or markers).

Not only that, but it also includes a few ribbon markers for when you want to close your journal while continuing to track your progress.

The fact that you can write anything including prayers, reflections, and thoughts is the focal point of this prayer journal. Overall, it is an elegant and spacious log that you should consider investing in.


  • Comes with a brown imitation leather cover
  • Offers 400 lined pages to write on
  • Inspiring Jeremiah verse (29:11) engraved at the front
  • All pages are gold-gilded
  • Features ribbon markers
  • Daily verse at the bottom of pages


  • Isn’t a guide

Wrap Up

In the end, all of the prayer journals that we reviewed serve the unique purpose of strengthening your faith and helping you reflect daily.

Our personal favorite is the Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Week Scripture for the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing, comes at an affordable price, and offers 52 weeks’ worth of verses, reflections, and writing sections.

As our second choice, we would go for The Prayer Journal for Him: A Daily Christian Journal for Men to Practice Gratitude, Reduce Anxiety, and Strengthen Your Faith which is elegant, spacious, and comes with a simple layout.

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