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How Can We Pray for Others?

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Paul regularly prayed for those he served (Romans 1:9-10; Ephesians 1:15-19). According to numerous studies, praying for others can provide social support as well as mental and emotional relief.

Carol Kochon credits prayer as one factor contributing to her husband’s successful recovery from corona virus infection during a 42-day hospital stay.

Can we Pray for Others?

As Christians, it is our obligation to pray for those in the Body of Christ–whether close friends or strangers alike. Jesus set an example by going out of his way to reach out and minister to people he did not share common traits with.

Before praying for Christian friends, spend some time reflecting on which character traits the Holy Spirit wants you to pray for in them.

Once completed, write them on an index card you have dedicated just for this purpose and use this while praying.

Be patient as you trust God’s timing in answering prayers for others. Although He may not respond immediately, He knows what’s best for them and the Kingdom of Heaven overall.

The more patience you show Him here, the more powerful your prayer will be for those you care about.

Benefits of Praying for Others

Researchers have discovered that people who regularly pray tend to experience less stress, depression and anxiety as well as lower blood pressure are more likely to find meaning in life.

This is because prayer helps them cope with challenges they are currently facing more effectively.

Praying for others can help them feel connected to other people and can provide strength during difficult times. It gives people hope that others understand them and their struggles are being addressed by someone outside themselves.

Remember that when praying for others, God is the one doing the work.

He will heal, comfort, and strengthen their faith as He moves in ways you cannot. Likewise, prayer from an upright individual has great power (James 5:16), so the more people you pray for the better it will be for both parties involved.

Praying for Friends and Family

The New Testament emphasizes the Christian obligation to pray for one another.

Although many individuals share formal prayer requests with church congregations, other needs may come up that require your attention – perhaps from community meetings, friends or through other sources.

Paul regularly prayed for his churches and their members (Ephesians 1:15-23, 3:14-21; Colossians 1:9).

These prayers for family and friends are powerful, Bible-inspired and personal. Print them out, save them to your computer or smartwatch or save them to your phone to have an easy prayer list ready-to-go!

They make wonderful additions to gift cards, birthday/sympathy cards or social media posts as well.

Pray that God brings people into your friends and family’s lives who can show them His love, sparking an interest in spiritual matters and stirring within them a desire for eternity.

May they tire of worldly pursuits that fail to satisfy, longing instead for what truly matters – Jesus Christ.

Praying for Others in the Bible

There are numerous examples of intercessory prayer throughout Scripture.

Paul himself frequently engaged in intercessory prayers on behalf of his churches (which he encouraged others to do as well; see Ephesians 1:15-23) so they might remain united and humble, be strong yet courageous, and experience God fully.

Additionally, the Bible advises praying for those who are sick. James 5:16 states this advice as follows: “Confess your sins one to another and pray for one another so that you may be healed – an effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Next time someone asks you to pray for them, don’t be intimidated! Prayer can be an amazing and trans formative gift you can offer them; God hears our prayers for others and has the ability to change lives for the better through them.

God blesses as you continue praying for your brothers and sisters!

Praying for Others Wellbeing

Prayers offered for others’ well being are an act of kindness and generosity, while simultaneously acting as an effective stress reliever – which has been linked to many health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.

Prayer for others can help alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions by decreasing anxiety levels and lowering blood pressure levels.

Researchers have come up with conflicting results when investigating the effects of prayer on health.

Some studies show no benefit for those being prayed for while others report small or no gains whatsoever; however, one recent study indicates that praying for others can improve your own well being as well.

Prayer was predictive of survival 17 years later for HIV+ individuals whereas prayers directed toward oneself or unknown others were not, even after controlling for biomedical and sociodemographic factors as well as medication adherence, social support, and substance use.

Our results suggest that pro social R/S behaviors such as praying may offer unique health benefits that cannot be fully explained through psychoneuroimmunology mechanisms alone.

Powerful Prayers for Others

Prayer can be easy when applied to those we already know well or physically close, but Jesus calls us to love our neighbor more broadly – even those we may dislike, such as non-followers of Christ.

Therefore, it’s essential that prayer becomes part of your everyday routine and goes beyond its usual confines.

As the corona virus outbreak affects people worldwide, it’s essential that we pray for business owners who are experiencing revenue losses and essential workers who cannot take time off work for treatment or quarantine.

Also, pray for anyone feeling isolated while going through treatment or quarantine and give them courage to reach out for support from friends and family as needed.

And finally, Holy Spirit, guide their path through this new reality while reminding them that You are always close by.


Praying for people you know is much easier than praying for strangers. First, practice praying for yourself to understand how to pray for others. Then, try to pray for those who are a part of your life.

This may include friends, family members, and even the people in your community who you come into contact with on a regular basis.

You can find some powerful prayers for others in the Bible. For example, Paul prayed for the Philippians to have the right priorities as followers of Jesus.

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