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Christian Holiday – All Hallows Eve

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Many people know All Hallows Eve as Halloween.

Since Halloween is a worldly name, many avoid celebrations or religious observance during that day.

Actually, most Christians do not see it as a worthy Christian holiday.

To some people, the feast glorifies evil, and it is an anti-Christ holiday.

However, some believe All Hallows Eve is a Christian holiday worth celebrating.

It is a festival observed in many countries on the 31st of October.

So what is All Hallows Eve and is it a Christian holiday or a feast that glorifies evil?

What happens on All Hallows Eve Christian Holiday?

All Hallows Eve, also known as All Halloween or Halloween, is a Christian holiday dedicated to remembering the dead.

The word Halloween comes from Hallow Eve.

Christians dedicate the day to remember martyrs, saints, and the faithful who have departed.

All Hallows Eve falls on October 31st every year.

All Hallows Day originated from a pagan holiday for honoring the dead.

It is where the souls of the dead would come back to earth and walk with the living.

Some people would leave candies and food for the dead, hoping that the evil spirits would leave them alone.

To counter the pagan holiday, Roman Catholic created All Saints’ Day, also known as Hallowmas.

However, All Hallows has grown from an ancient holiday to a famous Halloween day.

There is a lot of fun and celebrations on All Hallows Eve holiday.

However, satanic twists have been added to the mix.

Today, Halloween or All Hallows Eve holiday is the second from Christmas in spending money.

People all over the world get into the Halloween spirit.

From costumes to celebrations, a lot of things happen during Halloween.

But some church leaders are against celebration of the Halloween.

What is the story behind All Hallows Eve?

Kids in Halloween costumes-min

Hallow means Holy, or it is a Holy Person or Saint.

All Hallows Eve is the Eve of All Saint’s Day.

It is the day that remembers all men and women who showed holiness for Christians.

We celebrate it on October 31st in Europe, Asia, and America.

But the holiday originates from the Celtic festival of Samhain.

Samhain was a feast to mark the end of summer and the beginning of dark and cold winter.

This time of the year was associated with human death.

On October 31th, they celebrate Samhain because they believed ghosts of the dead came back to earth.

To commemorate the event, people light bonfires, and they would wear costumes to keep ghosts away.

People believed if the spirits were not controlled, they would cause sickness, famine, and wreak havoc on crops and livestock.

In 835 AD, the church replaced the pagan holiday with All Saints’ Day on the 1st of November.

It is the same day as Samhain.

The church also replaced mischief created on Samhain with the celebration of God’s saints.

Thus, All Hallows Eve is a great time for Christians to celebrate the work of God through His saints.

However, modern All Hallows Eve has turned out to be more of a pagan feast.

The celebrations and the festivals do not seem to be religious for everyone.

Should Christians celebrate All Hallows Eve Day or Halloween?

According to most Christians, Halloween is a feast that honors demons, ghosts, and evil spirits.

But All Hallows Eve Day started as a great day to prepare for All Saints’ Day.

The term Halloween had nothing to do with evil spirits or pagan beliefs.

It started as a festival to honor all saints who died.

In the seventh and eighth centuries, most Christians celebrated the eve of All Saints’ Day.

Thus, it is a great Christian holiday Christians can celebrate and learn more about All Saints’ Day.

Christians celebrate that Jesus Christ defeated death.

How can Christians celebrate All Hallows Eve?

Church service–Even though most Protestant churches do not hold All Hallows Eve church services, you may still find one.

If there are no Halloween church services in your neighborhood church, try joining your catholic friends for a special mass.

Some churches hold special services to honor saints and other departed souls. The readings come from the lives of saints.

Later, the church members light bonfires outside to celebrate the eve.

Wear Saint Costumes–This is a custom that mostly applies to children and adults.

Whether you are planning to go to a party or a festival, dressing like a saint is one fun way to celebrate All Hallows Eve.

Some people dress scarily while others dress like angel Gabriel or saints.

Attending All Hallows Eve Party–Another great way to celebrate Halloween is to attend All Hallows Eve party.

It is fun, scary, and you can create wonderful memories.

The party has many activities, such as hunting for candies at church, egg hunts in the cemetery, and much more.

All Hallows Eve Bonfire–Since the early days, people have been having All Hallows bonfires.

Lighting up bonfires and praying around the fire is a great way to celebrate the feast.

It is also a nice way to remember saints and thanking God for having them.

In conclusion on All Hallows Eve Christian Holiday,

All Hallows Eve is and will remain a Christian holiday.

Even though modern traditions have transformed the feast to look more like a secular holiday, it is an important festival for all Christians.

All Hallows Eve is a vital opportunity for Christians to celebrate the work God has done through saints.

The holiday is just like Christmas Eve, where Christians celebrate to usher in the Christmas holiday.

Christians eagerly and festively expect the holiday that follows.

All Hallows Eve or Halloween is on 31st October and we celebrate All Saints’ Day on 1st of November.

On November 2nd we celebrate All Souls Day.

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