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Do you Celebrate the Christian Holiday Epiphany?

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There are many holidays celebrated by Christians all over the world.

They celebrated them all over the world, and others are observed in a few countries.

One particular Christian holiday is the Epiphany. 

It is different because some Christians celebrate it while others do not celebrate it. 

But it is a known holiday and one of the oldest holidays in the Christian calendar.

So what is the Christian Holiday Epiphany?

According to Wikipedia, the Christian holiday Epiphany is known as theophany.

It is a Christian holiday honoring Magi’s visit to baby Jesus and Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist. 

It is also a Christian feast day celebrating the revelation of God coming to life like Jesus Christ. 

Being the 12th day of Christmas, it remembers how a star led Magi to baby Jesus. 

In other expressions, it is celebrating Jesus’ manifestation to the Gentiles. 

In some countries, it is celebrated as Christmas and sometimes known as the Three King’s day.

The eastern traditions focus on Jesus’ baptism while the western traditions focus on the Magi’s visit.

We consider Epiphany as the oldest holiday and one of the most important feasts. 

It is one of the three oldest festivals of the Christian church (the other 2 are Easter and Christmas)

When is Epiphany Celebrated?

Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox churches, and western churches observe Epiphany, among others. 

However, the dates to celebrate the holiday are different. 

Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and Christians of many western traditions celebrate the feast on January 6th. 

However, Eastern Orthodox churches observe the holiday on January 19th. 

This is because they follow the Julian calendar where their Christmas Eve is on January 6th. 

In most Christian churches, the Eve of the holiday is celebrated and is known as Twelfth Night.

Then the Monday after the epiphany holiday is known as Plough Monday. 

Most countries celebrate it during the evening before the date and on an actual day.

How is Epiphany Celebrated?

Most western and eastern churches celebrate the epiphany holiday on Sunday before or after. 

This is because the holiday is not a public holiday in many countries. 

They celebrate Epiphany with special meat pies and foods. 

Also, kids may receive special gifts in honor of the three wise men who gave gifts to Baby Jesus. 

In the Eastern Church traditions, baptism is done during epiphany and they bless them with holy water. 

In some countries, a king’s cake is baked, and others elaborate worship with lighted candles. 

It is a holiday that completes the season of Christmas. 

Thus, a lot of activities might not be involved.

Why is Epiphany important?

The birth of Jesus Christ was a big deal for the wise men and the gentiles. 

Thus, epiphany helps to appreciate the love of Jesus Christ by leaving heaven to live as a human here on earth. 

The Magi or the three wise men represented the sinners of the world and showed the ability of Jesus to draw even sinners to Him. 

Jesus is our Savior, and He was born for all people, including the gentiles. 

Celebrating and learning more about epiphany helps Christians to get a new understanding of God’s work. 

It reminds all Christians how God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ as a perfect sacrifice to redeem humanity. 

Also, epiphany helps Christians understand the reaction the Magi had towards Baby Jesus. 

It shows the reaction Christians should have for Jesus Christ. 

The three wise men recognized Jesus is the King, and they worshiped Him. 

Thus, all Christians should recognize Jesus as the King and worship Him as well. 

Also, they responded to God’s grace by sending His Son as a human with adoration and worship.

What is the History behind Epiphany?

Epiphany is a word that means revelation or manifestation. 

Christians talk about epiphany, referring to the revelation of the three wise men about Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ is the Messiah that the people of Israel have been waiting for. 

Christians recognize Magi’s journey to see Baby Jesus, to worship Him, and bringing gifts to the King. 

We also known it as the Three Kings day. 

Why is epiphany not as famous as Christmas or Easter holidays?

In most churches, the word’ epiphany’ is never mentioned. 

The holiday is not as famous as Christmas or Easter holidays. 

However, that does not mean that the holiday has no significance. 

Although some Christians are not aware of epiphany, it is a holiday worth celebrating. 

It is one of the best holidays that describes how Jesus draws everyone to him. 

But to most Christians, epiphany is not as important as Christmas or the Easters holiday.

Which are the Colors and Symbols of Epiphany?

The color of epiphany is green and the symbols of the day are associated with the three wise men or the Magi. 

Some symbols used include portrayals of the three wise men, three crowns, three gifts, a star, and a crown, and a 5-pointed star. 

Should Christians celebrate Epiphany?

Although epiphany traditions differ from one culture to another, it is essential to remember the day. 

Epiphany is a tradition that helps Christians remember and celebrate significant events in Jesus’s life. 

However, the main purpose of celebrating the holiday is the reason behind it. 

Instead of celebrating a particular holiday, Christians need to celebrate the meaning of the holiday. 

Epiphany shows how Jesus has the power to draw everyone closer to him, even sinners.


Epiphany is a celebration that occurs at the end of the Christmas season. 

It is an important day that has a lot of meaning for all Christians. 

They celebrate the coming of the Magi on epiphany day and Sunday is the baptism of the Lord Jesus. 

The day reminds Christians how sinners were drawn to Jesus and they brought Him gifts and other accessories. 

In some countries, they know Epiphany as Three Kings Day. 

Celebrating this day enhances worship and helps Christians focus on the grace of God.