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What is Christian Holiday Saint Vladimir?

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In several European countries, especially Russia, they celebrate Christian holiday Saint Vladimir the Great.

Saint Vladimir’s Day is a day that Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, the Lutheran, and Anglican Church celebrate the feast of Saint Vladimir the Great.

Because of his impact on Christianity, people celebrate the holiday of St Vladimir all over the world. 

However, most Christians do not know the meaning of this special Christian holiday and why he is honored. 

So, what is Saint Vladimir Day, and why do Christians celebrate Saint Vladimir’s holiday?

Why celebrate Saint Vladimir the Great?

Saint Vladimir Day is a day set aside to celebrate the feast of Saint Vladimir the Great. 

Christians around the world celebrate Saint Vladimir or the anniversary of his death. 

They credited him as the person responsible for the Christianization of Russia.

They celebrated the feast of Saint Vladimir on the 15th of July.  

Vladimir established many churches, devoted resources to legal reforms, education, and charitable work.

Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic, among other churches, celebrate the feast. 

Vladimir was a great man born in 958 and died on July 15th, 1015. 

They also refer Saint Vladimir Christian holiday as the Feast of Saint Vladimir the Great.

According to Wikipedia, Vladimir was a zealous pagan who established many temples and practiced polygamy.

However, he converted to Christianity in 987.

After his conversion, he ordered the destruction of other faiths in the region.

He wanted to stay away from negative religions and live in peace with his neighbors.

Who is Vladimir the Great?

His Early life

A statue of Saint Vladimir

According to Wikipedia, Vladimir Sviatoslavich, also known as the Great, was the Grand Prince of Kiev, the Prince of Novgorod, and the ruler of Kievan Rus.

Vladimir was born in 958 and was the youngest son of Sviatoslav I of Kiev and his housekeeper. 

When his father died in 972, they forced him to run away to Scandinavia after Yaropolk, his brother, murdered his other brother. 

Later, he gathered several warriors to help him recover Novgorod. 

After recovering the territory, he sent ambassadors to find out which faith was the true faith on earth. 

This is because Vladimir was a devoted pagan, had many wives, and he had elected many pagan statues.

Christian Life

Being a pagan all his life, he doubted his prejudices. 

His ambassadors encountered Muslims, but they felt there was no happiness among them. 

Also, the religion was against pork and alcoholic beverages. 

Vladimir rejected the religion because he believed drinking is the celebration of the Russians. 

They also met Catholics and Jews, but the two faiths did not impress them. 

Vladimir believed Jews had lost Jerusalem since their God abandoned them. 

Also, Vladimir’s ambassadors did not see any beauty in the Catholic Church. 

But Orthodoxy had the greatest impression on the ambassadors and Vladimir. 

The envoys said that they could not differentiate whether they were in heaven or on earth. 

After listening to his ambassadors, he led his nation to be baptized into the Orthodox Christian church.

He was also aware of the political gain he would receive with this movement.

St Vladimir’s Legacy

Joining Christianity changed him completed. He also felt transformed after being baptized. 

Vladimir replaced the pagan statues with churches and lived in peace with his neighbors and abandoned polygamy’s life.

Through Christianity, he won many converts and played a huge role in spreading the gospel of Christ.

They made Vladimir a prince 100 years after his death.

He received the title because of his amazing service to the Russian people and his faith in the Orthodox church.

Saint Vladimir was among the first people in Russia to be baptized. 

Why was Vladimir listed as a Saint?

Vladimir and his grandmother played a big role in the growth of Russian Christianity. 

We refer them to as the founders of Christianity in Russia.

After his death, many people in Russia and neighboring countries hailed Vladimir as a martyr and a saint. 

However, they made him a prince 100 years after his death.

He received the grand title because of his outstanding service to Russians and Christianity. 

Vladimir and his sons were among the first people to be baptized in Russia. 

Also, he was given the Saint’s title to strengthen the union of the church and the state. 

Today, most of his foundations remain the key institutions in Russia. 

Besides, there are hundreds of Orthodox churches all over the world named after Saint Vladimir the Great. 

How did Saint Vladimir die?

In his last days, Saint Vladimir spent time with his eldest sons. 

He had intended to march to Novgorod, but the march never happened. 

Vladimir became ill and later died on July 15th, 1015. 

He ruled Russia for 37 years, of which 28 years he ruled as a baptized man. 

Parts of his mutilated body were distributed in various churches and were recognized as relics. 

Many Orthodox Churches have kept Vladimir’s memory alive across the world. 

How is Saint Vladimir Day celebrated?

Even though it is a Christian holiday, Orthodox churches in Russia mostly celebrate Saint Vladimir Day. 

This is because it had a deep influence on the history of Russia and Christianity. 

Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians honor the life of a man who transformed Christianity in Russia. 

On July 15th, Christians attend church services all around Russia. 

There are also feasts and parades to celebrate Saint Vladimir’s Day. 

Also, many Christians in Orthodox churches are baptized on Saint Vladimir’s Day. 

In Russia and neighboring countries, Christians gather around to celebrate Vladimir and his great work. 

In conclusion on Christian holiday St Vladimir Day,

Saint Vladimir’s Christian holiday is an important day for all Christians, and especially for Russians. 

Although it is a Christian holiday, Christians in Russia honor the day because of the impact Saint Vladimir had on the country. 

Apart from the Orthodox churches, Saint Vladimir Day is celebrated by Roman Catholics, Lutheran, and Anglican churches. 

Christians in different countries celebrate the feast in various ways. 

However, most Orthodox Christians are baptized on Saint Vladimir Day.

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