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What is Christian Holiday Thanksgiving USA?

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Thanksgiving dinner on a table

One of the most popular Christian holidays in America is Thanksgiving.

It is also a federal holiday in the United States known as American Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in America is a significant event in every home, from kids to adults.

However, it is known as American Thanksgiving to distinguish it from Canadian Thanksgiving day.

It is a holiday, and a day reserved for feasting with family and friends.

However, many people do not know the origin of Thanksgiving Day in the US.

Some people believe the feast is secular. To help learn more about Thanksgiving Day, below is the history and why it is worth celebrating as a Christian.

What is the Christian Holiday Thanksgiving USA?

According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the USA, celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving in the United States of America is a harvest related feast and a day of thanksgiving.

People thank God, each other, and the soil for the good things that have happened throughout the year.

It originates from the harvest festival and the day of Thanksgiving.

The theme of the Thanksgiving holiday rotates around giving thanks, but the centerpiece of the event is Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner is very famous since there are many celebrations.

The dinner comprises indigenous American foods and dishes such as potatoes (mashed and sweet), turkey, green beans, corn, pumpkin pie, and many others.

There are also thanksgiving traditions observed, such as watching parades, offering Thanksgiving dinner to the poor, attending church services, and viewing American Football.

Why is Thanksgiving America’s favorite holiday?

To many Americans, their favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving.

Family and friends gather to celebrate what they have. In addition, people eat their favorite foods and dishes.

Some reasons Americans love Thanksgiving include:

The Food

From pumpkin pie to turkey and corn, there is so much food to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day.

Friends and neighbors are very generous on Thanksgiving Day.

One of the best things about food is the turkey.

Americans and everyone at large love roasting and eating turkey. It is the beginning of the holiday season.

Many Christians look forward to the December holidays. Thanksgiving is the best time to start the holiday moods.

Most people decorate their houses for the holidays with wreaths, twinkle lights, and mistletoe.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Since 1924, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade has been a great holiday institution.

Kids and adults love the parade because of the outstanding performances of renowned musicians, shows, and many significant activities.

There are some activities or things to enjoy for everyone.

Football games to watch

Thanksgiving Day is a great day to watch your favorite team play for those who love American football.

Most popular football teams play on Thanksgiving Day.

Family get-together

Whether you visit your relatives regularly or just one time a year, Thanksgiving Day is the best time to reunite with your family.

You will have time to catch-up with friends and share your favorite meals with family.

What is the story behind Thanksgiving?

In America and many countries worldwide, they set aside Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the harvest.

However, it started as a commemoration of the Pilgrim’s successful harvest helped by the Native Americans.

We believe that Thanksgiving traditions have started in the 16th century and are linked to Pilgrims’ festive holidays.

But there are no reliable documents that explain the true origin of Thanksgiving Day.

Some people claim Thanksgiving traditions started with Pilgrims in 1621; others say it is a Christian holiday, while others think it is more secular than Christian.

Occasionally, Thanksgiving Day was on the last Thursday of November but later moved to the 4th Thursday of November after several petitions.

According to Wikipedia, most people celebrate their harvest on Thanksgiving Day and thank God for the blessings.

However, churches such as the Catholics have set aside special days for feasting, Thanksgiving, fasting, resting, and praying.

When is Thanksgiving Day in America?

In America, Thanksgiving Day is one of the most celebrated holidays.

They celebrate it on the 4th Thursday of November in the United States of America.

Americans celebrate the feast to mark a successful season and blessing from God.

In Canada, they celebrate Thanksgiving on the 2nd of October.

How do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

A significant percentage of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.

Most families celebrate the feast by attending church services and preparing enormous meals.

One of the main dishes for Thanksgiving is Turkey.

Other foods prepared on Thanksgiving include pumpkin pie, corn, fruit cakes, candies, mixed nuts, and many others.

There are various activities to celebrate this holiday.

For instance, there are football matches, parades, movies, music, and family get together.

Is Thanksgiving celebrated in other countries?

Although Thanksgiving is considered an American holiday, it is a feast celebrated in many countries.

Many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa celebrate the festival.


In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is very similar to American Thanksgiving Day.

Although the dates are different, the activities, meals, and traditions are the same.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving by attending church services, preparing delicious meals, and taking part in various activities.

But the holiday is in October when the weather is warmer.


We know Thanksgiving in Japan as Labor Thanksgiving Day.

Japanese celebrate labor, thankfulness, and production on Labor Thanksgiving Day.


In Germany, Thanksgiving Day is just like in America. However, it is celebrated in October and not November.

Some activities conducted during the festival include church services, parades, feasting, music, football matches, and many others.

Other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving include Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Grenada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Liberia.

Last Thoughts

Thanksgiving Day is a popular holiday in America and many countries across the globe.

Christians across America attend church services and hold large parades to celebrate the event.

Although Thanksgiving seems profoundly American, it is a Christian Holiday.

Christians use the holiday to thank God for a good and successful year.

By attending church services, holding family reunions, and giving food to the poor, Christians show love as Jesus did.

We view Thanksgiving Day as a celebration of blessing from God and a successful harvest.