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Why is Christian Prayer Important?

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Christians believe that prayer is vital for experiencing life as God intended it to be. From thanking Him in praise or seeking His mercy, Christians understand prayer is an integral component of their relationship with Him.

But Christian prayer can often seem unnecessary or irrelevant to our everyday lives. Scripture offers four main insights into why Christians pray:

Practice of Faith

Christians must regularly practice their faith, particularly through prayer.

By showing God your trust and seeking deeper connection with Him through prayer, you are also showing Him that you accept both good and bad in life knowing He has everything under control.

Jesus made prayer an essential part of His daily routine and taught it to his disciples as well.

He often sought solitude so He could hear from His Heavenly Father directly, seeking and listening for guidance in order to carry out his mission on Earth.

He knew it was essential for keeping that vital connection open if He were to complete what had been assigned him as part of His work here on Earth.

Christians often experience God answering their prayers in remarkable ways, such as healing a sick person or providing something they had been wanting.

At such moments, it can seem as though He has shown them an amazing power they never imagined possible and their faith has increased dramatically.

Yet it’s important for Christians to keep in mind that His plan comes first when answering our prayers; otherwise they won’t be answered.

Surrender and Trust in GOD

Praying requires us to consciously choose to let go of control of their situation and hand it over to God.

While this may feel foreign at first, as many of us were raised believing we must manage every detail ourselves, prayer teaches us it’s better to trust our Maker with matters important in our lives.

Prayer allows us to connect with our heavenly Father honestly about how we are feeling and what’s happening around us, which allows us to be completely open about how we’re experiencing life’s hardships.

Being honest also builds trust that He will always be by our sides during difficult times. Prayer in Christianity is an action which should not be undertaken lightly, for it connects us directly to our loving Creator.

Prayer can take place either collectively within churches and homes or alone at times when it will not be disturbed by noise and distraction.

The Bible instructs us that prayer should be an integral part of daily life (1 Thessalonians 5:17), meaning we should regularly and consistently make prayer part of our routines and lives.

Prayer can strengthen relationships with God and enable us to experience what He promises: abundant life!

Spiritual Connection

Prayer can be your gateway to connecting with God when life gets hectic, whether that means dealing with frustration, anxiety, or anger – God knows exactly how it feels, has plans for your future, and wants to hear what prayers you offer.

He can guide your path and lead it in the right direction. Prayer also allows us to focus on ourselves rather than worrying about others needs – something meditation cannot provide!

If you’re not sure what to pray for, there are various ways you can start. Praying over your circumstances or simply saying “Jesus, I need you today” are both great places to begin.

Additionally, worshiping through reading scripture and contemplating Jesus words or listening to Christian music that sets an appropriate atmosphere may also help.

Be careful with music that focuses heavily on emotion as this can obstruct spiritual connection between you and Him.

Prayer is of vital importance for Christians because God created us to have an intimate relationship with Him and He wants nothing more than for you to acknowledge him in your daily life.

Even Jesus knew the importance of staying connected to His Father so He could complete what He came here to do – something many cannot achieve through other means.

Emotional Healing

Christian prayer is an integral component of growing our relationships with God and is encouraged in Scripture (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

There are various types of prayers available ranging from traditional church prayers to personal worship services and meditation on Scripture that help strengthen this practice.

The Bible addresses emotional healing through prayer as well. James 5 describes this concept: if any of you are experiencing hardships, pray for it; if any are experiencing happiness, sing praises.”

Emotional health is crucially important to Christians due to our world being often harsh and cruel, with prayer providing an avenue to express your true emotions before God and feel assured He will listen and care for you.

Lament is one form of spiritual prayer that can bring emotional healing. This type of prayer involves recounting your pain before turning back to God as the source.

Lament can help strengthen trust in him regardless of what comes your way. Petition prayer can also help those struggling with depression or anxiety find healing through faith and trusting God to give what is necessary.

Like the disciples pleading with Jesus to heal their sick brother (Mark 10:38), petition prayer can bring much-needed emotional comfort.


Christian prayer is a way of life, it helps us grow emotionally and spiritually. By continuing to pray on a daily basis, we connect to GOD. It is a crucial part of our relationship with Him.

The apostles regarded prayer as one of the most important activities in their lives (Acts 6:4; Romans 1:9; Colossians 1:9).

During prayer, we are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance. The Holy Spirit is our guide and facilitator, helping us hear what He is saying.

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