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Christianity and Liberalism Compared

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Many people believe you cannot be a true Christian and a liberal at the same time.

This is because there are several liberal ideologies that a true Christian can not practice. 

For instance, liberals support abortion while Christians do not support it. 

However, there are some who claim you can be a liberal and a Christian at the same time.  

So, is there a relationship between Christianity and liberalism and can someone be both a liberal and a Christian?

Does Christianity support and practice liberalism?

According to various religious scholars and church leaders, there is no way a genuine believer can buy into the ideologies of liberalism. 

This means Christianity does not support or practice liberalism. 

If you are a true Christian who believes in the teachings of Christ Jesus, it is impossible to follow the teachings and beliefs of liberalism. 

We know a true Christian for quoting the Bible, which is the word of God, but liberals define themselves by involvement in liberal movements. 

Liberal movements include gay rights, abortions, racial advocacy, affirmative action, and feminism among others. 

Moreover, liberals do not talk about salvation, which is the foundation of Christianity. 

Instead of focusing on what Jesus did on the cross, they promote a different type of lifestyle that depends on itself. 

Even though they say Jesus’ teachings were about accepting others, their ideologies are about saving themselves and relying on their action and strength. 

They say people who are homosexuals should be accepted in society and allowed to enjoy their choice of lifestyle regardless of what the bible says. 

But according to the bible, homosexuality is wrong and should be condemned. 

Leviticus 18:22 – No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that.

Although there are several liberal Christians, they miss the aim of Christianity.

This is because they dislike accountability. 

To them, if someone wants to do something and likes the way he/she feels, they do it.

Liberal Christianity is not focused on the Cross but on the world. 

They take the portions of the bible that make them feel good and ignore the parts that request answerability.

For example, when they are challenged on what they believe, they quote the bible where Jesus said: “Judge not”. 

But they do not quote verses that condemn homosexuality or abortion. 

Even though most liberals say they are Christians, they do not center their lives on the bible or Christ Jesus. 

The homosexual lifestyle or the right to kill the unborn child can prove this. 

Therefore, Christianity and liberal cannot coexist. 

The moment someone moves from the teachings of Jesus Christ, they have designed their own religion.

Christianity is having a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

What is liberal Christianity?

According to Wikipedia, liberal Christianity is also referred to as liberal theology or Christian modernism.  

This is because it is a movement that interprets Christian teachings by putting into consideration science, ethics, and modern knowledge. 

Liberal Christians view their theology as the best alternative to oppressed Christians and atheists. 

According to liberals, the bible has some contradictions and errors. 

Therefore, they reject the reliability of the bible. 

It is a theology that began out of enlightenment rationalism and idealization in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Based on liberals, their principles make Christianity relevant, credible, humane, and beneficial. 

Reasons you cannot be both a Christian and a liberal

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*According to Christians, a sin is a sin no matter who does it.

However, liberals believe what you see as sinful is not necessarily so for another person. 

They believe that what is right for you might not be right for someone else. 

*Christians believe Christianity is the true religion and no one will go to heaven except through Jesus Christ. 

But liberals support Multi-Culturalism; According to them, no religion is superior or better than the other. 

Also, no culture is better than the other, and therefore mixing cultures or religious principles is healthy. 

Liberal Christians support sexual permissive behavior such as gay marriages and adultery. 

According to their beliefs, adultery or gay marriage are not wrong, and view them as a moral act outside of marriage. 

This undermines the teachings of Christianity. 

Leviticus 20:13 – If a man has sexual relations with another man, they have done a disgusting thing, and we shall put both to death.

They are responsible for their own death.

*Liberalism believes a woman has a right to keep the baby or abort the pregnancy.

Thus, they passionately support abortion. 

On the other hand, Christians base their morals on the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ seriously. 

Exodus 20:13 – You shall not murder.

Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

*Liberals also support private religious beliefs; This means you can believe what you want as long as it stays in the private area of your life. 

To them, evangelism or the concept of going out to make more disciples is trouble-making. 

But Christians believe you need to go out and bring more people to Christianity or make them know the truth. 

Does Christianity lead to Liberalism?

Liberalism is a modern heretical doctrine that Christians should avoid. 

Christianity does not lead to liberalism because there is nothing in Christianity that drives towards liberalism.

Moreover, liberalism showed up in the 18th century. 


In summary, Christianity and liberalism cannot coexist. 

The moment someone stops following the teachings of Jesus Christ or the laws of God, he or she has designed his or her religion. 

Even though someone is free to do what they desire, such as practicing homosexuality, it does not mean they are following the bible’s teachings.

A true Christian is someone who quotes the Bible and tries to lead others to the faith in Christ without fear or favor.

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