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Will Christianity become a Mythology?

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According to groups such as atheists, Christianity may follow the Greek myths into forgetfulness.

They believe Christianity will one day become a mythology.

To them, God does not exist and will soon become irrelevant. 

However, many other people believe Christianity is not like Greek religions

With over 2.4 billion followers around the world, Christianity cannot become a mythology. 

In addition, the number of Christians continues to grow every day. 

So, will Christianity become a mythology one day?

Colossians 2:8

    "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ."

Will Christianity become a mythology?

Christianity is one of the biggest religions in the world. 

However, some people believe religions and mythology go hand in hand. 

Thus, they think Christianity will become a myth someday. 

Mythology is a body of myths told by ancient people. 

But Christianity differs from mythology. 

One reason Christianity has continued to grow as other belief systems die is because it affects everything about life. 

Christianity is well documented, and there are many facts than myths. 

This means Christianity cannot become a mythology. 

Moreover, Christianity answers all the questions of life than other ancient beliefs. 

Many mythologies, such as Greek mythology, died because they could not answer many questions about life. 

What is Christian mythology?

Christian mythologies are myths linked with Christianity.

They comprise Christian literature, stories, and other elements that describe Christianity. 

Since they divide Christianity into various denominations, not all denominations hold the same traditional narratives. 

For instance, there are some books of the Bible accepted by the Roman Catholic but excluded by other denominations. 

However, that does not mean Christianity will become a mythology. 

There is a big difference between religion and mythology. 

Religion is a broad term that includes righteousness, custom, theology, and other aspects. 

On the other hand, they associate mythology with a specific religion, such as Ancient Greek mythology. 

Why did ancient Greek mythology die?

There are many reasons ancient Greek mythology and others died out. 

But the main reason is that they could not correctly answer the questions of life. 

For instance, Greek mythology could not tell where people came from, what they are doing on the earth, or where they could get help in case of trouble. 

Moreover, the Greek gods were selfish, mean, and cruel, just like humans. 

However, Christianity differs from ancient Greek mythology. 

It can answer all the questions and a Christian God is generous, loving, and not cruel like human beings. 

Why has Christianity continued to survive?

Today, there are more Christians on earth than those who believe in other religions. 

This is because Christianity answers hard questions that other beliefs cannot answer. 

Some questions include:

Where did humans come from?

Based on Ancient Greek Mythology, humans came from a pantheon of divine beings. 

These heavenly beings do not care about your life, and you were created to be a slave. 

But according to Christianity, we came from a personal loving God who created everything. 

God made people the way they are because there are purposes and destinies for everyone’s life. 

What are humans doing on earth?


You are on earth to struggle, according to ancient Greek mythology. 

Humans need to fight, kill, and hate to survive. 

On the other hand, Christianity shows people were created by God to enjoy life and they created everything for people to enjoy. 

God designed the world for humans to delight in and oversee everything in it. 

Also, he invites everyone to get wisdom and knowledge from Him. 

In case of hardships and struggles, God is the helper.

Where will people go when they die?

According to Greek mythology, when people die, they go to an empty afterlife.

They believed that the souls of the dead people are in the underworlds with no sense of purpose. 

But according to the Christian Bible, where you will go when you die depends on your choice here on earth.

If you choose to follow God and His teachings, you will be with Him when you die. 

If you choose to reject Him, you will go to a place where people who reject Him go.

Who do I turn to in case of trouble?

The ancient mythologies believed you can gain the attention of a god through sacrifice and prayers. 

However, you were not guaranteed that the gods will hear your prayers. 

In addition, they may not answer your prayers. 

But it is a distinct case with Christianity. 

When you are in trouble, you need to turn to God. 

He is a loving God who cares about you. 

He asks you to cast all your care on Him because He is a God who cares for you. 

In addition, He is Almighty and will use His power to help you. 

How do humans know what is right and wrong?

Based on Greek Mythology, no one can tell when people are wrong or right. 

This is because even the gods are cruel, mean, and even worse than humans. 

It is an endless debate where no one could get answers. 

But with Christianity, people need to be like God. 

God gave His only son because He loves humanity. 

Moreover, He is a caring and forgiving God. 

God will never stop loving you, no matter who you become or what you do. 

If you choose to leave the sinful ways, you are welcome to His presence. 

God has time for you and will always listen to your prayers. 

If you obey and do the right things, you will be like God and be in good territory.  

Final Thoughts

Christianity is a religion that blows other belief systems away. 

It is a religion that cannot become a mythology. 

When answering questions about life, Christianity makes sense. 

However, other beliefs do not have a simple answer for life’s questions. 

Our Christian God is unquestionably caring and good. 

He is a God who you can experience. You can know Him better, talk to Him, and He answers prayers. 

This is one reason Christianity is always thriving.