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Christmas Boy Puppy with a Bow – Coloring Page

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Christmas boy puppy with a bow - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Boy Puppy Children’s Story

Once upon a Christmas Eve, in the heart of a snow-covered town, young James was fast asleep, dreaming of the joys of Christmas morning. Suddenly, a soft whimpering sound woke him up.

Curious, James tiptoed downstairs to find a box by the twinkling Christmas tree. Attached to the box was a note from his parents that read, “A special Christmas gift for you, James. Handle with care and love.”

As he gently opened the box, out popped the cutest little Christmas boy puppy he’d ever seen, with a bright red bow tied around its neck. The puppy wagged its tail excitedly, bouncing around with boundless energy.

Overwhelmed with joy, James held the puppy and looked at the bow. They reminded him of a lesson from his Sunday School about the gift of Jesus’s love and how every wonderful gift is from God.

Looking at the puppy, he understood that this was not just a Christmas gift, but also a responsibility. The next day, James introduced the puppy to his Sunday School class. “This is Miracle,” he announced.

His friends gathered around to pet and play with Miracle, their faces lighting up with joy. Seeing this, their teacher, Mrs. Peterson, said, “Do you see the happiness that Miracle brings to you all?

That’s what Christmas is about – spreading joy and love, just like Jesus did. And do you see the bow around Miracle’s neck? It reminds us he is a gift, just like God’s gift of Jesus to us.”

James listened carefully, hugging Miracle closer. From that day on, Miracle was not just his puppy, but a reminder of God’s love and the joy of Christmas.

James promised to take good care of Miracle, cherishing his Christmas boy puppy with a bow, his very own symbol of the Christmas spirit.

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