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Christmas Bunny with Santa’s Hat – Coloring Page

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Christmas bunny with Santa's hat - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Bunny Children’s Story

In a small, snow-dusted town, lived a little girl named Lily. Every Christmas, she eagerly awaited a special visitor – a Christmas Bunny with Santa’s hat, who hopped around the neighborhood spreading cheer.

One day, Lily asked her mother, “Why does the Christmas Bunny wear Santa’s hat, Mommy?” Her mother smiled and replied, “The Christmas Bunny is a symbol of innocence and charm, just like baby Jesus was when he was born.

The Bunny’s softness reminds us of the gentleness and love that Jesus brought into the world.”

She pointed to the Santa’s hat on the Bunny’s head, “And the Santa’s hat that our Bunny wears, Lily, represents the spirit of giving and joy that Christmas brings.

We know Santa Claus for spreading happiness by giving gifts, just as Jesus gifted us love and salvation.”

That Sunday at church, Lily learned about the birth of Jesus. She was told about the humility and love he represented. She understood that just as the Christmas Bunny brought joy and cheer, Jesus brought love and peace.

Coming home, Lily looked at her Christmas Bunny with a new perspective. “Just like Jesus was a gift of love to us, you are a gift of joy,” she whispered to the bunny.

From that day forward, the Christmas Bunny with Santa’s hat was not just a festive symbol to Lily. It embodied the gentleness of Jesus and the joy and generosity of the Christmas season.

Every time she saw the bunny, it reminded her of Jesus’s love and the spirit of giving that is the essence of Christmas.

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