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Christmas Girl Puppy with a Bow – Coloring Page

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Christmas girl puppy with a bow - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Girl Puppy Children’s Story

One cold Christmas morning, Emily awoke to an unexpected sound – a tiny whimper.

Puzzled, she raced downstairs to find a small box under the twinkling Christmas tree, wrapped beautifully with a note from her parents that read, “A special Christmas gift for you, Emily. Handle with love and care.”

Gently, she opened the box to find the most adorable little Christmas girl puppy, a red bow tied neatly around its neck. Overjoyed, Emily scooped up the puppy, who responded with excited barks and playful licks.

Emily named her Hope, for she felt the puppy brought a sense of hope and joy to their home, much like the message of Christmas.

Hope, with her lively energy and loving nature, reminded Emily of the virtues she had learned about in her Sunday school – love, joy, and kindness.

When Emily showed Hope to her Sunday school class, her teacher, Mrs. Thompson, said, “Do you see how Hope brings joy to us, just like the joy that Jesus brings into our lives?

And do you see the bow around Hope’s neck? It signifies that she’s a gift, just like God’s gift of Jesus to the world.”

Emily listened attentively, hugging Hope closer. She felt a warm sense of responsibility and love for the little puppy.

From that day on, Emily took care of Hope with the utmost love and care, remembering the Christmas morning when she received this special gift.

Hope was not just a puppy to Emily; she was a reminder of God’s love, the joy of Christmas, and the hope that the season brings.

The Christmas Girl Puppy with a Bow became a cherished part of Emily’s life, representing the genuine spirit of Christmas in her heart.

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