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Christmas Penguin with Santa’s Hat – Coloring Page

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Christmas penguin with Santa's Hat - Free Coloring Image

A Christmas Penguin Children’s Story

Once upon a snowy Christmas season, in a bustling town, young Lily was helping her parents decorate their home. Among the decorations, her favorite was a tiny figure of a Christmas Penguin with Santa’s Hat.

Lily asked her father, “Daddy, why does the penguin wear Santa’s hat?” Her father smiled warmly and said, “Well, Lily, the penguin represents resilience and courage as it can survive in the coldest climates.

The Santa’s hat symbolizes the joy and spirit of Christmas.” Over the next few days, Lily stared at the penguin figure frequently, pondering her father’s words.

The next Sunday at church, Lily’s Sunday school teacher was telling them about the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

As she listened, Lily thought about the penguin again. “Just like the penguin can survive in the cold, Mary and Joseph had to be brave and strong on their hard journey,” Lily thought.

The next day, Lily brought the Christmas Penguin figure to school for show and tell. “This penguin with Santa’s hat reminds us to be brave and strong like Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem,” Lily shared with her classmates.

“And the Santa’s hat reminds us of the joy and generosity of Christmas.” Her teacher smiled, “That’s a wonderful message, Lily. And just like the penguin, we should all carry the spirit of Christmas in our hearts.”

From that day forward, Lily saw the Christmas Penguin with Santa’s Hat not just as a decoration, but as a symbol of the strength, resilience, and joy found in the Christmas story.

And it reminded her to carry those values in her heart, just as the penguin carries Santa’s hat.

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