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Christmas Poinsettias in a Flower Pot – Coloring Page

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Christmas poinsettias in flower pot - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Poinsettias Children’s Story

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amidst snowy hills, a little girl named Lily eagerly awaited Christmas. As the holiday season drew near, the village transformed into a wonderland of twinkling lights and festive decorations.

Among them, the Christmas Poinsettias in Flower Pots held a special place in Lily’s heart. Lily’s grandmother, a wise and gentle woman, noticed her fascination with the beautiful red flowers.

One day, as they strolled through the village, Lily asked, “Grandma, why are the Poinsettias so special during Christmas?” Her grandmother smiled and replied, “Lily, the Poinsettias are not just ordinary flowers.

They hold a deep meaning that reminds us of the genuine spirit of Christmas.” Curiosity gleaming in her eyes, Lily asked, “What is their meaning, Grandma?”

“The vibrant red color of the Poinsettias represents the love and joy that fills our hearts during Christmas,” her grandmother explained.

“Just as the flowers brighten up the winter landscape, they remind us that love has the power to bring light and warmth to the world.

” Lily’s eyes widened, and she listened intently as her grandmother continued, “The shape of the Poinsettia’s petals resembles a star, Lily.

This reminds us of the Star of Bethlehem that guided the wise men to the newborn baby Jesus.” Lily’s heart fluttered with excitement. “So, the Poinsettias remind us of Jesus?”

“Yes, my dear,” her grandmother nodded. “The Poinsettias are a beautiful reminder of the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift of all. They symbolize hope, peace, and the love that Jesus brought into the world.”

As Christmas approached, Lily took care of her own Poinsettia plant. She watered it, placed it in a spot where it could receive sunlight, and watched it grow.

Through her loving care, the Poinsettia flourished, its vibrant red petals unfolding with grace. On Christmas Eve, Lily placed her Poinsettia in the village church alongside other Poinsettias, creating a breathtaking display.

She understood that the flowers represented the love and joy that Jesus brought to the world, and she wanted to share that beauty with others.

As the church filled with families, Lily whispered a prayer of gratitude for the gift of Jesus and the symbolism of the Poinsettias. The sight of the radiant flowers reminded everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

From that day forward, Lily cherished the Poinsettias, not just for their beauty but for the profound message they carried.

Each time she saw them, they reminded her of God’s love, the birth of Jesus, and the joyous celebration of Christmas. As Lily and her family celebrated Christmas, their hearts overflowed with love, peace, and the spirit of giving.

The Poinsettias stood as a reminder of the love that binds them together and the hope that shines through the darkest of times.

And so, in that little village, the Christmas Poinsettias in Flower Pots bloomed with purpose, spreading the message of love and joy, just as the birth of Jesus brought light and salvation to the world.

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