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Christmas Sign with Dove – Coloring Page

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Christmas sign with dove - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Sign Children’s Story

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled among rolling hills, a little girl named Sarah noticed a beautiful Christmas Sign with a dove displayed in the town square.

Intrigued by its serene presence, she approached the sign and marveled at the peaceful dove perched upon it.

Curiosity brimming, Sarah sought her wise grandmother and asked, “Grandma, what does the Christmas Sign with the Dove mean?”

Grandma smiled gently and replied, “Sarah, the dove on the sign carries a powerful message that reminds us of the genuine spirit of Christmas.”

Wide-eyed with wonder, Sarah listened intently as her grandmother continued, “The dove is a symbol of peace, just like the one that Noah saw after the great flood.

It represents the peace that God brings to our hearts and the world through His Son, Jesus.”

Sarah nodded, her heart warming at the thought of peace. “So, the dove reminds us that Jesus brings peace?”

“Yes, my dear,” Grandma affirmed. “When Jesus was born, angels announced ‘Peace on earth’ to the shepherds. The dove reminds us of the peace Jesus offers to all who believe in Him.”

Sarah’s eyes sparkled, and she asked, “Does the dove symbolize anything else?”

Grandma nodded. “The dove represents the Holy Spirit, who came upon Jesus during His baptism as a dove. It reminds us that God’s Spirit is always with us, guiding and comforting us.”

Sarah envisioned the Holy Spirit like a gentle dove, filling her heart with peace and joy.

Grandma continued, “The dove also represents love. Jesus came into the world because of God’s great love for us. He taught us to love one another and to live in harmony, just as the dove symbolizes peace and unity.”

Sarah pondered this and exclaimed, “So, the dove on the sign teaches us about love, peace, and the Holy Spirit!”

Grandma nodded with pride. “Exactly, my dear. The Christmas Sign with the Dove is a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. It calls us to embrace peace, love, and unity, just as Jesus did.”

As Sarah admired the sign, she felt a sense of calm and hope wash over her. She knew the dove symbolized God’s love and His desire for peace among all people.

Throughout the holiday season, Sarah carried the message of the Christmas Sign with the Dove in her heart. She sought to spread peace, show love, and embrace the Holy Spirit in her life.

And so, in that little village, the Christmas Sign with the Dove stood tall, reminding all who passed by of the profound meaning of Christmas.

It served as a beacon of peace, love, and hope, guiding them to embrace the spirit of Jesus and share His message of joy and unity with the world.

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