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Christmas Toy Soldier Standing Guard – Coloring Page

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Christmas toy soldier standing guard - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Toy Soldier Children’s Story

In a small, festive town lived a curious boy named Noah. His favorite Christmas decoration was a wooden Christmas Toy Soldier standing guard next to their fireplace.

One day, Noah asked his grandfather, “Grandpa, why does the toy soldier always stand so straight and tall?”

His grandfather smiled. “Well, Noah, the Toy Soldier is a symbol of discipline, duty, and honor. He stands tall and proud, just as we should when we uphold our values and commitments.”

Intrigued, Noah looked at the soldier with new respect. Later that week, in Sunday school, Noah learned about the story of the three wise men who, despite difficulties, remained committed to their journey to find baby Jesus.

Linking the story with his grandfather’s words, Noah thought, “Just like the Toy Soldier, the three wise men were disciplined and committed to their mission.”

On Christmas Eve, as they placed the Toy Soldier next to the nativity scene, Noah said, “Our Toy Soldier stands guard over baby Jesus, showing protection, just as the wise men journeyed to honor Him.”

His grandfather patted his head. “That’s correct, Noah. Just like the Toy Soldier and the wise men, we should stand tall in our faith, protect what’s important, and honor the birth of Jesus.”

That Christmas, and every Christmas after, Noah saw the Christmas Toy Soldier as more than just a decoration. To him, it was a reminder of discipline, duty, and the journey of the wise men.

It inspired him to uphold his values, protect his faith, and honor the real reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ.

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