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Christmas Toy Train on Tracks – Coloring Page

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Christmas toy train on tracks - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Toy Train Children’s Story

In a warm and cozy home, little Benjamin was eagerly waiting for his grandpa to bring down the old box from the attic. It was a family tradition every Christmas to set up the Christmas Toy Train around their tree.

As they carefully unpacked the bright, festive train, Benjamin asked, “Grandpa, why do we always set up this train during Christmas?”

Grandpa smiled. “Well, Benny, this train is not just a toy. It symbolizes our journey during Christmas towards the birth of Jesus.”

As they set up the track, grandpa continued, “The track is like the path that the wise men followed, guided by the Star of Bethlehem, to reach baby Jesus.

And the train, moving along the track, is us, making our way towards the celebration of Jesus’s birth.” Benjamin listened attentively, connecting the tracks as they curved around the Christmas tree.

“And listen,” Grandpa said, winding up the train. As it chugged along the track, it whistled and played soft Christmas carols. “Just like the songs tell the story of Christmas, our train also sings, reminding us of the joy of Jesus’s birth.”

Benjamin looked at the train with newfound awe. “So, it’s not just a toy?” Grandpa shook his head. “No, Benny. It’s a reminder of our faith, the joy of Christmas, and the journey we take towards celebrating Jesus’s birth.”

From that day on, setting up the Christmas Toy Train became more than a tradition for Benjamin. It was a meaningful reminder of his faith and the joyous journey towards Christmas.

The Christmas Toy Train was not just a toy or a decoration, but a symbol of the genuine spirit of Christmas.

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