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Christmas Tree Star Cartoon – Coloring Page

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Christmas tree star cartoon - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Tree Star Children’s Story

One winter’s evening, as the scent of fresh pine and hot cocoa filled the air, a little girl named Anna helped her parents decorate their Christmas tree.

As they approached the end of their festive task, her father held up a radiant five-pointed star. Anna, full of curiosity, asked, “Daddy, why do we always put a star on top of our Christmas tree?”

Her father, smiling at her thoughtful question, placed the star gently in her hands and sat down beside her. “Well, Anna,” he began, “this star is not just any star. It’s a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem that appeared when Jesus was born.”

Anna looked at the star, its gold surface sparkling with the lights from the tree. “The Wise Men, also known as the Magi, followed this star to find Baby Jesus.

This star guided them through their long journey, much like how God guides us through our life,” her father explained.

“This star,” he pointed at the five corners, “usually has five points, although you might see some with more. No matter the number of points, they all represent the same guiding light.”

As Anna admired the star, she noticed a small bulb in its center. Her father explained, “Many stars like ours have lights inside them. This glow serves as a reminder that Jesus, the Light of the World, brings brightness and warmth to our lives.”

With her father’s help, Anna carefully placed the star at the very top of the tree. As she stepped back, she saw how the star’s light reached every corner of the room, making the other ornaments twinkle even more brightly.

That evening, as Anna gazed at the Christmas tree, she saw more than just a beautiful decoration. She saw a symbol of guidance, hope, and the divine love that was born on Christmas day.

The star at the top of the tree would always remind her of the wonderful story of the first Christmas and the love God showed by sending Jesus to the world.

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