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Christmas Tree with a Star – Coloring Page

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Christmas tree with a star - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Tree Children’s Story

In a cozy house nestled in the snowy countryside, young Luke was helping his father unpack the Christmas decorations when he asked, “Dad, why do we put up a Christmas tree every year?”

His father smiled, seeing this as a great opportunity for a valuable lesson. “Well, Luke, every part of the Christmas tree has a special meaning. It’s not just a tradition, but a representation of our faith.”

Luke’s eyes widened, intrigued. “You see, the tree itself is evergreen, staying green throughout winter, reminding us of eternal life that Jesus promises,” his father explained, carefully pulling out the tree from the box.

Luke helped his father fluff the branches of the artificial tree, making it look fuller. His father added, “And the shape of the tree, like a triangle, is said to represent the Holy Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.”

Next, they started adding twinkling lights to the tree. “These lights, Luke, they symbolize Jesus as the Light of the World, bringing brightness into our lives,” his father said.

As they hung various ornaments and tinsel on the branches, Luke’s father shared, “Every decoration we add brings beauty to the tree, just as every act of kindness we perform adds beauty to the world.”

Last, they placed a shining star atop the tree. “The star represents the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Wise Men to Jesus. It’s a reminder for us to follow God’s light in our lives,” his father explained.

Finally, they placed gifts under the tree, and Luke’s father said, “These gifts remind us of the gifts the Wise Men brought for Jesus, and the gift of love and salvation that Jesus is for us.”

Luke looked at their decorated Christmas tree with a newfound sense of awe and reverence. It was not just a festive symbol, but a profound reminder of their Christian faith. This Christmas, and every Christmas thereafter, the tree held a deeper meaning for him.