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Contemplative Vs Active Prayer

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A-Christian Woman meditating in the forest.

Welcome to our discussion on two special types of prayer: contemplative and active.

In this write-up, we’ll explore what prayer means and look at these two forms closely. Each kind offers unique advantages to enrich our spiritual lives.

Let’s start this exciting exploration!

The Core Meaning of Prayer

Before diving into contemplative and active prayer, let’s understand why people pray.

Prayer is a way to talk to a higher power. It allows us to say thank you, ask for help, and find comfort. Prayer also gives us strength when times are hard. It allows us understand ourselves and feel humble and thankful.

At its heart, the goal of prayer is to grow spiritually and feel close to the divine.

The Quiet World of Contemplative Prayer

Now let’s learn about contemplative prayer and how it helps our spirit.

In contemplative prayer, we quiet our minds to feel close to the divine. We let go of all distractions and thoughts. We focus on being here and now with a higher power.

This kind of prayer helps us feel peaceful. It lets us better understand ourselves and feel a close connection to the divine. It teaches us to trust and feel supported by a higher power.

This practice leads to inner calm and spiritual growth.

The Active Life of Prayer Practices

Next, let’s talk about active prayer, where we put our faith into action.

In active prayer, we use words, actions, and thoughts to talk to the divine. For instance, we may say prayers out loud or even sing. Some people use body movements like kneeling or even dancing in their prayers.

Active prayer can also mean doing good deeds for others to show our love for the divine.

Active prayer helps us express ourselves and feel a personal connection to a higher power. It makes us think about what we need spiritually and helps us get guidance.

It teaches us good qualities like being thankful and kind to others.

The Good Things About Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative prayer gives deep rest to our souls. It allows us feel a strong sense of peace that is different from our busy lives. This kind of prayer helps us focus and listen to inner wisdom.

It is good for feeling renewed and growing in faith.

The Good Things About Active Prayer

Continuing, active prayer lets us be a part of our spiritual growth.

Through active prayer, we can talk openly to the divine and grow closer. This kind of prayer helps us understand ourselves better. It also helps us improve how we act and how we treat others.

Active prayer is a key tool for becoming a better person and growing spiritually.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, both contemplative and active prayer are valuable in their own ways.

Contemplative prayer offers deep peace and a close feeling with the divine. Active prayer, on the other hand, is about taking steps and seeking active guidance and support.

Both kinds can offer comfort, build strength, and help us understand ourselves better.

The choice between these two depends on what you need and prefer.

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