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Christian Holiday Easter and Easter Monday

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One of the most attended Sunday church services around the world is Easter Sunday.

This is because it is a very important feast in the Christian Calendar.

Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible (Isaiah 53), Jesus is the Messiah, Son of God, and the savior of the world.

Jesus was raised from the dead, three days after his death at Calvary.

So, what is Easter Sunday, and is there a difference between Easter Sunday and Easter Monday?

What is the Religious Holiday Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

After His crucifixion, death, and burial on Good Friday, Jesus arose from the grave on Easter Sunday.

We also know Easter Sunday as the Resurrection Sunday or Pascha.

According to the New Testament, Easter is three days after the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Also, Easter follows a season of fasting known as Lent.

Lent is a period which Christians set aside for remembrance and repentance.

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and concludes on Good Friday, the day they crucified Jesus.

The week that leads to Easter is known as Holy Week or Passion Week.

The Holy Week includes Palm Sunday (when Jesus entered Jerusalem as a King), Maundy Thursday (the Last Supper), and Good Friday (the day they crucified Jesus).

Easter Sunday is a very essential day within Christianity.

This is because it is the foundation of the Christian faith.

Whoever believes in His death and resurrection, they will receive the gift of eternal life.

What is the difference between Easter Sunday and Easter Monday?

Easter Sunday is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave while Easter Monday is the day Christians honor the return of Jesus on Earth.

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday.

During this day, Christians believe Jesus returned to earth.

Easter Monday is a public holiday in countries with mainly Christian traditions.

In many countries, they celebrate Easter Monday with eggs.

The custom of giving out eggs on Easter is to celebrate new life.

Christians view eggs as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s rising from the grave.

In old times, when Christians were fasting during the lent period, they could not eat eggs.

However, eggs were boiled and later presented as gifts to family and friends on Easter Monday.

In various countries, Easter Monday is a day for celebrations and festivals.

We also considered it as a day of starting something new or making a fresh start in life.

Why is Easter celebrated on Sunday and not Monday?

Based on the Bible, Jesus Christ resurrected three days after His death on the cross.

Three days after His death falls on Easter Sunday.

Therefore, Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

It is on Easter Sunday that the Son of God rose from the dead.

What is the significance of Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is a vital Christian holiday since it follows Easter Sunday.

It is the day Jesus Christ returned to Earth.

Christians believe Jesus remained here on Earth for forty days after His resurrection.

He appeared to many people, encouraging them to spread the Good News to the rest of the world.

Easter Monday marks the start of Jesus back to earth after His death.

After 40 days on Earth, Jesus ascended into heaven.

What is the history of Easter?

We can trace the Easter festival back to what happened 2000 years ago.

According to the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus Christ happened three days after the Romans crucified him and died.

From that time, people who believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah have been honoring that day.

But the earliest Christians celebrated Easter is on the Fourteenth of Nisan, the date of Jewish Passover.

When is Easter Holiday celebrated?

Easter is a Christian Holiday that does not have a fixed date.

But they celebrate the feast on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25.

This means it is a movable Christian feast.

The date is based on the full moon that appears on or after the spring.

How is Easter Holiday celebrated?

In Christian countries or countries with a large Christian population, they celebrate Easter as a public holiday.

Since Easter falls on Sunday, many countries have Easter Monday as a public holiday.

Retail shops, restaurants, shopping malls, and other businesses are closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Good Friday that occurs two days before Easter Sunday is also a public holiday.

Some customs that are observed on the Easter holiday include:

Church Service

There are special church services on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday in most Christian countries.

Some churches that conduct the special services include Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Methodist, and Lutheran, among others.

Easter Eggs

Eggs are symbols of new life and rebirth.

Hence, many Christians use eggs to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Some stain holiday Easter eggs in red to remember the blood of Jesus Christ.

In Eastern Orthodox Church, a priest blesses Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny

In some countries, children put out empty baskets for them to be filled with Easter bunnies when they sleep.

In the morning, when they wake up, they find the baskets filled with bunnies or candies.

Easter Bunny is very popular in European countries.


Food is a major part of Easter celebrations in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Family and friends get together to celebrate the Easter Holiday.

In Africa, the celebrations start on Good Friday and end on Easter Monday.

New Clothes

They associate new clothes with new beginnings.

Thus, having new clothes during Easter is like celebrating a new life with the resurrection of Jesus.

Final Thoughts

Easter is a major Christian holiday celebrated all over the world.

It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after His crucifixion.

The holiday is celebrated on a Sunday, and in some countries, the following Monday is also a holiday.

There are many customs and traditions associated with Easter, such as church service, Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and food.

The holiday is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike.