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Festive Wreath with Berries – Coloring Page

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Festive wreath with berries - Free Coloring Page

A Festive Wreath Christmas Children’s Story

On a chilly winter day, Samuel watched his grandmother make an evergreen wreath with red berries. He was curious and asked, “Grandma, why do we make this circle of branches and berries every Christmas?”

His grandmother paused her work, smiled, and said, “Samuel, this isn’t just a circle. It’s called a wreath, a special symbol during Christmas time. Let me explain.”

She held up the nearly completed wreath. “See its shape? It’s a circle, which has no beginning or end. This represents God’s never-ending love for us, a love that is eternal.”

She pointed to the evergreen branches she was using. “We make the wreath with these branches because they stay green all year round, even in winter. This shows God’s promise of everlasting life.”

Next, she gestured to the bright berries nestled among the greenery. “These berries are like the hardships and sacrifices in our lives. Remember how Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us?

The red berries on our Christmas wreath remind us of His love and sacrifice.” As she tied an enormous bow on the wreath, she continued, “We add other decorations, like ribbons and ornaments, to make it more joyful, celebrating the birth of Jesus.”

Last, she pointed to the candles in the center of the wreath on their dining table. “Some wreaths have candles, like our Advent wreath. Each candle represents one of the four weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas.”

Samuel looked at the wreath with new appreciation. It wasn’t just a decoration, but a symbol of God’s unending love, the everlasting life He promises, and the joy of Jesus’ birth.

The festive wreath was a meaningful reminder of the true essence of Christmas, teaching him more about his faith and the significance of this special season.

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