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Gift-Wrapped Presents with Bows – Coloring Page

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Gift-wrapped presents with beautiful bows - Free Coloring Page

A Gift-Wrapped Present Children’s Story

One sunny afternoon, young Molly was coloring a page featuring beautifully wrapped presents with bows.

Her Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Parker, noticed her deep in thought and asked, “Molly, do you know why we give each other gifts at Christmas?” Molly shook her head, her eyes wide with curiosity.

“I thought it was because of Santa.” Mrs. Parker smiled warmly. “Santa is a part of our Christmas celebrations, but there’s a deeper reason rooted in our Christian faith. Would you like to hear the story?”

Molly nodded enthusiastically. Mrs. Parker pointed at the gift-wrapped presents in Molly’s coloring page and began.

“See these presents? They’re all different shapes and sizes, just like the unique gifts God has given each of us. The colorful wrapping paper is like our outward appearances, varying and beautiful.”

She continued, “Now, notice the bows and ribbons? They add beauty and excitement to the gifts, similar to how love and kindness add beauty to our lives. They also represent the ties that bind us together as God’s family.”

“But what about the tags, Mrs. Parker?” Molly asked. “Good question! The tags show us to whom the gift is given. It reminds us that God’s gift of love and salvation through Jesus Christ is for everyone.

And that’s why we give gifts at Christmas, Molly. It’s a way to share love, just as God shared His love with us.” She gestured to the uncolored presents on Molly’s page.

“Just like these presents, we don’t know what’s inside until they’re opened. God’s love is a surprise gift we can open and discover every day.” As Molly resumed her coloring, she saw more than just gift-wrapped presents on her page.

They were symbols of God’s love and the spirit of giving, reminding her of the real reason behind Christmas gift-giving. It was a lesson she would cherish and remember every Christmas.

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