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Gingerbread Boy with Girl – Coloring Page

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Gingerbread boy with girl - Free Coloring Page

A Gingerbread Boy Christmas Children’s Story

Once upon a time, during the Christmas season, little Sophia and her mother were baking gingerbread cookies, a yearly tradition they both cherished. They carefully cut out the shapes of a boy and a girl from the sweet dough.

As they were decorating the gingerbread boy and girl, Sophia asked, “Mom, why do we make gingerbread people during Christmas?”

Her mother smiled and said, “Well, Sophia, it’s not just about making cookies. These gingerbread people hold a special meaning.”

She pointed to the gingerbread boy and girl. These aren’t just cookies. They represent us, all people. Just as we are all special, so are each of these cookies, especially after we decorate them.”

Sophia piped a button onto the gingerbread girl as her mother continued, “The spicy ingredients remind us of the sweetness of God’s love and the spice of life, with its trials.

Just like these cookies that smell so lovely, we should aim to spread the comforting aroma of kindness and love wherever we go.”

Her mother then added eyes to the gingerbread boy and said, “These eyes remind us to see the good in others, as God sees the good in us. The mouth is for speaking words of kindness and love, as Jesus did.”

“And see these candies we used to decorate them? They represent the fruits of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

As we adorn our cookies, they remind us to adorn our lives with these qualities.” Sophia listened attentively, decorating her gingerbread girl with extra care.

From that day on, the act of baking and decorating gingerbread boys and girls held a deeper meaning for Sophia. It was more than a holiday tradition; it was a reminder of her faith and the values she held dear.

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