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Gingerbread House with Candy Canes – Coloring Page

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Gingerbread house with candy canes - Free Coloring Page

A Gingerbread House Children’s Story

One snowy afternoon, young Eli and his grandmother were preparing to make a gingerbread house. As they mixed the gingerbread dough, Eli asked, “Grandma, why do we make a gingerbread house for Christmas?”

With a warm smile, his grandmother replied, “Well, Eli, every piece of our gingerbread house tells a story about the true meaning of Christmas. Let’s build it, and I’ll show you.”

As they carefully shaped and baked the gingerbread walls and roof, Grandma explained, “These pieces are like the body of Christ, which was given for us.

Just as we build our house with these pieces, Jesus is the foundation of our lives.” Next, they assembled the house, using icing as an adhesive. “The icing is like the love of God,” Grandma said.

“It’s sweet, and it holds everything together, just like God’s love holds us.” Eli then excitedly added candy canes along the roof and walkway. “These candy canes are special,” said Grandma.

“Look closely, and you’ll see they form the shape of a ‘J’ for Jesus. And their stripes remind us of the prophecy in the Bible: by His stripes, we are healed.”

Eli looked at the candy canes with newfound reverence, carefully placing each one with thought. As they added more candies, gumdrops, and sprinkles, Grandma told Eli, “Each decoration is different, just like all of God’s children.

He cherishes us all, and together, we make the world beautiful.” Finally, as they admired their completed gingerbread house, Grandma said, “Just like this house, it filled our home with love and joy.

And at Christmas, we’re reminded of God’s greatest gift to us – His son, Jesus Christ, who makes our lives sweeter.” Eli, gazing at their gingerbread house, now saw it as more than a treat.

It was a reminder of his faith, the love of God, and the true meaning of Christmas. This special understanding made the gingerbread house – and every candy cane adorning it – even more special.

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