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What is Christian Holiday St Joseph’s Day?

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There are several Christian holidays celebrated every year.

One popular religious holiday is St Joseph’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Joseph.

Feast Day of Saint Joseph occurs during the period of lent and falls 2 days after celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.

Below are the main things you need to know about St. Joseph’s Day.

What is Christian Holiday St Joseph’s Day?

According to Wikipedia, St. Joseph’s Day is also known as the Solemnity of Saint Joseph or the Feast of Saint Joseph.

It is a feast where Joseph, husband of Mary, mother of Jesus, is celebrated as the patron of the universal church.

St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of March every year.

It has a rank of seriousness in the Catholic Church.

Apart from the Catholic Church, it is a feast of the Anglican Communion and a festival in the Lutheran church.

St. Joseph’s Day is also a father’s day in various catholic countries such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

What is the history of St Joseph’s Day?

We know although not much about Saint Joseph, every Christian knew he was married to Mary, mother of Jesus.

Joseph worked as a carpenter in Nazareth and was a man of faith.

However, it was in 1129 that 1st church was dedicated to him.

Later on 1621, the date of March 19th was made as a festival of commitment to Saint Joseph.

In 1870, Catholic Church declared Saint Joseph a Patron of the Church.

Today, March 19th is a Christian holiday that has a level of sincerity in the Catholic Church.

Catholic Church followers believe Saint Joseph died in the arms of Jesus and His mother Mary.

Thus, the feast day is set up in respecting Joseph as a life partner of the Virgin Mary.

How is St Joseph’s Day celebrated?

The Feast of Saint Joseph is a Christian holiday that honors Saint Joseph.

St. Joseph is celebrated in many countries all over the world.

Several things happen during St. Joseph’s Day.

Since the day falls during the lent period, the food is meatless.

In Sicily, many people wear red clothes and build a St. Joseph’s table.

The table has a lot of flowers and candles.

This differs from the green colors that are worn two days earlier during St. Patrick’s Day.

Some parades are held in various cities as well. Also, people share food with the needy outside of town.

There are also some customs and symbols that symbolize St. Joseph’s Day.

What are the symbols and customs of St. Joseph’s Day?

Prayer Cards

In most Roman Catholic Churches, they exchange prayer cards on the Feast of Saint Joseph.


On St. Joseph’s Day, they bake unique bread, and grain with images of the saint.

Other foods that are prepared during St. Joseph’s Day include fava beans, wine, lemons, and others.

Also, they share fruits during this special day.


Altars and tables set up on St. Joseph’s Day have special foods associated with the holiday.

Fishing is a favorite day because the day falls during lent where meat is forbidden.

Also, fishing is known to have a symbol of baptism.

Why is St. Joseph’s Day important?

Jesus Christ came into the world through a family. He came through a home of two holy people, Joseph and Mary.

Because of his special role as a step-father of Jesus, we celebrate St. Joseph’s day.

Joseph was a father figure in Jesus’s life here on Earth. Thus, he is a Saint and he should be celebrated.

Joseph is also part of the Holy Family.

How is St. Joseph’s Day Celebrated in different countries?

St Joseph’s Day is observed on March 19th in many countries around the world.

March 19th falls during the season of lent, a period where Christians fast and observe self-discipline.

Italy-in Sicily, Saint Joseph is regarded as a patron. Here, many Christians observe the day by giving food to the needy.

In some communities, it is a custom to wear red clothing. Also, the altars are decorated with medals, candles, and various ornaments.

On tables, people place flowers, limes, candles, fava beans, and foods that are donated to the poor.

Some villages such as Avola burn wood and Yule logs before St. Joseph’s Day.

Spain–St. Joseph Day in Spain is a version of Father’s Day.

They feel that Saint Joseph is a good example of how a father should act.

Children give small gifts to their fathers or cook breakfast for them. However, it is a meatless affair since it occurs during the lent season.

Some symbols that represent the day include Jesus holding carpenter tools. Most people celebrate the day by attending a church service.

Poland–in Poland, St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated in houses.

People decorate the houses in red and white for Poland and St. Joseph. These tables have candles, holy cards, and meatless food.

To honor Saint Joseph, Poland has several hymns made for Saint Joseph.

Christians in USA

The United States – St. Joseph’s Day is much celebrated in Louisiana and New Orleans, which are the major entry points of Sicilian immigrants.

However, it is also celebrated in other states with high magnitudes of Italians. People build private and public altars to celebrate the day.

We find these altars in churches and in public places. These altars are open to any visitor who wishes to pay respect to Saint Joseph.

After these altars have been destroyed, they distribute food to charity. Also, there are parades to honor Saint Joseph.

England–On March 19th, St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated in England. They remember Joseph in the Church of England.

Philippines–In the Philippines, families maintain the ritual of holding a feast for the Holy Family.

They choose an old man, a young lady, and a boy to represent Saint Joseph, Virgin Mary, and Baby Jesus.

They choose these characters from poor places all around town.

Canada–Saint Joseph is also a patron in Canada.

There are special masses in Montreal to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph. The event draws a lot of pilgrims to the basilica.


St. Joseph’s Day is another great Christian Holiday celebrated all other the world.

It is a festival where they acknowledge Joseph, husband of Mary, mother of Jesus and Jesus Christ.

In most countries, Christians attend mass or a divine service.

Others wear red-colored clothing and carry dried fava beans.

Also, many Christians help and give food to the needy.