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What is Christian Holiday St Patrick’s Day?

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Three men dressed in Green for the holiday St Patrick's Day

On March 17th every year, many Christians across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a day set to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick is a re-known missionary who converted many unbelievers into Christianity in Ireland.

Normally, we celebrate this holiday with religious feasts and services.

However, a lot of Christians around the world do not know the meaning of St. Patrick or what happens on this great Christian holiday.

What happens on Christian Holiday St Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick Day started in Ireland to commemorate Christianity in Ireland.

Today, the holiday has grown and turned into a famous Christian holiday.

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrating the Irish culture with special foods, music and dancing, parades, drinking, and wearing green attires.

Some Christians around the world attend church services.

In the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, St. Patrick is a public holiday.

The day became a Christian feast day in the 17th century.

The Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Lutheran Church followers observe it.

People also celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish.

They widely celebrated it in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia, but mostly among the Irish diaspora.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Patrick was born in Roman-Britain in the 4th century.

His family was a wealthy Romano-British family, where his father was a deacon and his grandfather a priest.

When Patrick was 16 years old, the Irish pirates invaded their village and took him captive.

They took him as a slave to Gaelic Ireland.

Slavery life

He spent around six years working as a slave and it is during that time he met God.

He was working as a shepherd for pigs in Ireland.

During that time, they exposed him to harsh weather and nearly starved to death.

When he was just about to die, he turned to God for companionship and comfort.

Through prayers, Patrick found relief. Still, in slavery, he had a glorious vision from God.

First, he was told he would return to his home country and another vision where he was told a ship was waiting for him.

He ran away and found a ship waiting to take him home.

Missionary life

He went back to his home country and became a priest, but later returned to Ireland to convert the pagans to Christianity.

He shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Irish.

According to his declaration, he spent many years evangelizing where thousands of non-believers converted to Christianity.

He traveled across Ireland preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, baptizing and confirming many believers.

One of Patrick’s strategies was evangelizing Ireland’s tribal kings.

He believed converting the tribal Kings would help in converting their subjects.

The strategy was successful because many Irish became Christians.

However, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ was difficult for Patrick.

There was a lot of opposition and he was in continuous danger of being killed for his faith.


Patrick died on March 17th in A. D 461.

Today, we celebrate March 17th as Saint Patrick’s Day.

He is a saint known for preaching and spreading Christianity in Ireland and organizing the church.

Why is St. Patrick Day important to Christians?

Saint Patrick’s work changed Ireland forever, making it an important holiday for Christians.

He converted thousands of Irish to Christianity because of this strong faith.

His godly character and bold faith make him a great saint in Church history.

Since he was a slave, he condemned slavery and spoke openly against it.

Being a missionary, he identified himself with the Irish, lived among them, honored their traditions, and converted many to Christianity.

Since he was an evangelist, he made Jesus known among the Irish.

God entrusted him to spread the word about Christianity throughout Ireland.

He was passionate about Christianity, education, and serving the Lord.

Today, Saint Patrick is celebrated for changing and converting many people to Christianity.

The day is not just an Irish public holiday, but a Christian holiday celebrated all over the world.

Should all Christians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is an important Christian holiday celebrated in many countries.

Even though it is not a public holiday in most countries, it is a day worth celebrating.

However, as Christians, celebrating the day is a matter of choice.

Christian holidays such as St. Patrick Day are used as foundations for building a relationship with God.

Holidays are also great for those evangelizing to non-believers.

Therefore, celebrating St. Patrick Day is not mandatory, but a personal choice.

How do Christians honor Saint Patrick?

St Patrick’s day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a recognized Christian holiday in Anglican Church, Roman Catholic, Lutheran Church, and Orthodox Church.

Thus, Christians around the world celebrate Patrick’s life and missionary work.

A lot of Christians celebrate the day by participating in the customs surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.

They take part in public parades, festivals, feasts, and other traditions.

Christians celebrate with folk music, dancing, and wearing green outfits to honor Saint Patrick.

How can Christian families take part in St. Patrick’s Day?

There are various ways Christians can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

For instance, families can sit down and receive education about Saint Patrick.

They can read more about Patrick’s early life and missionary life, and share with friends and neighbors.

By recalling biographies of past saints, Christians become inspired and improve their faith.

Final thoughts on Christian holiday St Patrick’s Day,

St. Patrick’s Day is a famous Christian holiday celebrated across the world.

It is a day observed to honor the life and work of Saint Patrick.

Even though it is not a state holiday in many countries, it is recognized by Christians and celebrated with folk songs, dancing, and wearing green outfits to honor Saint Patrick.

It helps people understand the work of Saints such as Saint Patrick.

Also, it reminds Christians that evangelism or missionary work can change the lives of many people.

Just the way Saint Patrick changed the lives of many people in Ireland.