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How Are Obedience and Faith Connected

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Everyone has a family, a special bond that God has blessed them with. As a microcosm, our family is a loving community provided to us by God.

We are spiritual Brothers and Sisters, as well as spiritual Fathers and Mothers. We should honor and serve both our spiritual and bodily parents, according to this Biblical teaching.

Parents are happiest when their children act by their rules and obey their guidance. Let us use the Bible to reflect on our faith and investigate the link between faith and obedience. It is a fact that without obedience, one can’t grow in faith.

Can Your Faith Grow Without Obedience?

We won’t be able to make any progress in our lives unless we rely on Christ’s substitutionary obedience. However, because His obedience is the basis, origin, and source of our obedience, we must exercise personal obedience. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to move forward.

In other words, if we don’t follow, there will be no salvation, no everlasting life! Death gained access because of disobedience. Obedience to the faith brought life and immortality into being! The obedience of Christ made the route possible.

How Exactly Is Obedience Rewarding?

We must be faithful to God because He is faithful to us. When we are disloyal to Him, we must pay the price. It is satisfying, on the other hand, when we are obedient to Him.

Hearing, trusting, submitting, and surrendering to the Word is what biblical obedience to God entails. We are commanded to obey by Jesus. Love should be our incentive for obeying God. The rewards of a holy life are experienced via obedience.

You will not be able to learn how to be obedient to God overnight; it will be a process that you must work on daily. To begin, you must make it a goal in your Christian lifestyle.

To develop obedience, you must first understand what is necessary, which is to study God’s word. The only way to know His word is to study it daily.

You must do more than just study the word; you must also pray for direction as you learn to obey. As a result, everything must originate from the heart, out of love for God.

Christ’s Disciples and Obedience

Even if one might believe differently at times, the gospel message is crystal clear and easy to grasp. If anything is unclear to us, we must look for the cause within ourselves.

Who could ask for a clearer statement than that of Matthew 28:20 or Paul’s Romans 1:5? Souls are to be led to obedience. We take each step on the path exactly via personal obedience.

Because this is the first thing the gospel asks us to do, we embark on the road of obedience, as Jesus did, sacrificing himself for our sins and trusting his Father. We must stay constant in being obedient.

Consider the story of Sermon on the Mount. When you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of why growing in faith isn’t possible without obedience.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

The primary point we must address is whether or not complete obedience is required to be God’s child. This is why it’s so important to concentrate on our connection with God via Christ.

When Scripture says that we shall be judged by our deeds, it is indicating that God will assess whether we have saving faith based on how we acted.

Our religion was legitimate if we obeyed. Eternal life is granted to those who continue “in doing good” and thereby exhibit their faith, according to Romans 2.

Obedience is for a Lifetime

Obedience isn’t a single hurdle race, but rather a lifelong process. Walking by sight rather than by faith is a difficult task. This is not how God judges, according to the Bible.

While we humans look to fast-forward through the process and define the final result (also known as Legalism), God’s Word suggests the importance of enjoying the journey more than the goal itself.

We must consider a person’s development in light of his or her past and future goals. The process is designed to prepare us for paradise, rather than help us in the materialistic world that we are living in.

The main reason why we tend to focus on the final result instead of the process itself is that we feel uneasy that we aren’t in complete charge and can’t evaluate our progress. God teaches us to enjoy the process.

Breaking from Obedience

Disobedience is the momentary halting of our faith’s response process. When we defy God, we’re either choosing to ignore what he’s spoken or we commit actions that we think God will pardon.

King David said that he had willfully disobeyed God’s command. He confessed his sins and repented. Rebellion is a reinterpretation of applying God’s Word, whereas disobedience is a temporary suspension of living by God’s Word and commandments.

Rebellion may be a mindset as much as a physical act. God’s precepts serve as limits in our life. When someone destroys the barrier, it is called disobedience, but when we begin to question the fence’s legality, it is called rebellion. With rebellion, we regard the law to be a negotiating point.

How to Obey

The first step is recognizing God’s Word. Once you have done that, you are ready to respond. The Spirit will conceal more knowledge from the individual who refuses to obey.

When we reply, we must be cautious not to act on our inclinations, but rather to seek out the road signs that God provides in the Bible and via godly advice.

Furthermore, we must resist the need to respond in a culturally acceptable way. Because people’s reactions differ, we can’t do the correct thing to get others’ approval or admiration.

Final Thoughts

We must understand that many of the benefits of obedience accrue in eternity rather than on this planet. Obedience is rewarded in eternity rather than on earth, yet God will disclose the consequences in this life regularly.

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