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The Seeds of Belief: How to Grow in Faith

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Christian congregation worship God together

Faith is having confidence in something we aspire for spiritually but have never seen or encountered through our own eyes. Faith is the conviction that God’s words are true.

God does not want us to be stagnant Christian believers but develop and get to know and understand His words better each day. With that in mind, we will cover a few methods of how to grow in faith. Let’s get to it.

Bible-Reading Habit

You don’t have to read every day, and you don’t have to read a large amount at once, but you should read frequently enough that it becomes an essential and significant part of your routine.

A few months ago, I set a goal for myself to read my Bible daily, and it has made a significant difference in my life. It isn’t a coincidence that God left the written word for us.

Don’t rush the process. While it may be sluggish at the start, every time you turn to God, He will bless you. A rich crop will result from consistency!

A daily commitment to reading and studying God’s Word can help you become stronger in your faith. It is like feeding your plants each time you read the Bible.

Believe the God’s Words

Hearing the Word is one thing; believing it is quite another. Don’t be hesitant to believe God’s Word when you read it.

It makes no difference how you feel about something if God stated it. Anything you’ve heard that contradicts what God says does not matter. Everything else pales in comparison to God’s Word.

Act on the Read Words

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, our faith motivates us to put our beliefs into action. Relationships, careers, charity, and religion may all be influenced by our faith. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes, and the greater the crop you will reap.

Thank God for your healing first thing in the morning. You could feel nauseous but don’t allow your emotions to keep you from obeying God’s commandments.

You might not be able to accomplish much right now since it takes time to align the natural world with the supernatural.

Join a Christian Community

While no one is saying that each of your friends should be a Christian believer, putting effort into meeting more church-goers can go a long way when it comes to growing in faith.

The main reason for it is that by surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you will have an easier time accepting newly-found principles and maintaining the healthy habits that you’ve created.

In addition to that, being a part of a Christian community will allow you to speak to and open up to people who read God’s Word and are on the road to growing their faith. How to do it?

The best way is to go to your local church or Sunday school and start talking to people there.

Change Your Habits

Reading the Bible daily and joining a believing community is a great start. Once you have done that, you can move on to erasing bad habits and coping with your sins.

Perhaps you continually compare yourself to others, have too much influence over your finances, or don’t appreciate your partner as much as you should.

If you are feeling captive to your previous deeds, it is time to go forward and deal with the shame that you are feeling.

It is great to know that there are many methods for eliminating sins/bad habits, including guides for setting goals and achieving changes.

In addition to that, you can further grow in your faith by establishing small yet worthy habits such as making double the batch of food and giving it to the members of your local community.

Not only that, but you should make sure that God’s words are everywhere you go. The best way to do that is by surrounding yourself with scripture cards, whether you put these at your office or in a living room.

Also, you should download audio scriptures or subscribe to Christian podcasts that you can listen to while running errands. Last but certainly not least is having an inspiring Christian book in your carrying bag.

That way, you will be able to read your favorite passages and proverbs wherever you are.

Educate Yourself

The Bible and Christianity are complex topics that you can’t understand overnight. The first way to become educated on your religion and the historical accuracies in it is to talk to your pastor.

As mentioned above, Sunday schools are great for meeting new people and growing your faith.

Along with discussing interesting topics with church-goers, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in a study guide and start an in-depth Bible/Christianity research on your own.

In our opinion, the best way to learn is by combining the self-learning method with what your pastor has to offer every Sunday.

Group Of Young People Reading Bible Together

Help Those Who Need it

To grow in your faith, you need to put God’s words into action, and to do that, you need to help those who are in dire need.

One way is to find and schedule an activity every week to ensure there is always someone you can help and something you can do.

If you can’t sign up for a specific activity, then you should focus on helping others whenever you can, whether it is through making larger batches of food and handing it out or donating clothes through charitable organizations.

Don’t Forget to Pray

In the end, the frequency and persistency of your prayers go a long way when it comes to growing in faith. Praying effectively is something that you can learn and that will strengthen your faith.

Wrap Up

It takes time and work to grow in faith. God is the one who guides us on the path, but He wants us to follow His lead and strive to become mature followers of Jesus who can help others strengthen their faith.

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