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How to Practice Contemplative Prayer

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Are you keen on growing your spiritual life? This article teaches you how to do contemplative prayer.

We help you understand what contemplative prayer is. We also guide you to set up the right space and pick a good technique.

Follow our advice to make this prayer a daily habit. You will feel closer to the spiritual world.

Let’s start this journey now.

What is Contemplative Prayer?

Contemplative prayer helps you think deeply and feel close to a higher power. It lets you calm your mind and open your heart. You don’t ask for things or say scripted words.

You make room for the higher power to talk to you and you to listen.

In this prayer, you forget your plans. You let a higher wisdom and love guide you. You start a sacred talk with the higher power and understand your spiritual path better.

Make the Right Space

For the best contemplative prayer, you need a quiet and calm place. Pick a spot without noise and other distractions. This helps you focus on the here and now.

Find a peaceful corner at home or a private spot outside. Dim the lights or light a candle. Soft music can also help make the space soothing.

Sit in a comfy chair or cushion. This helps you relax and stay in the moment.

Pick a Prayer Method

With the right space ready, now choose how you want to pray. Different methods help you feel close to a higher power. Take time to try them out and find what suits you best.

Popular methods are centering prayer, breath prayer, lectio divina, and Jesus Prayer. For example, centering prayer uses a special word to quiet your mind. Breath prayer mixes prayer with focused breathing.

Pick a method that aligns with what you aim to achieve in your spiritual growth.

Make it a Daily Habit

To get the most from this prayer, do it every day. Pick a time that works for you. It can be morning, lunchtime, or before sleep.

Set up a special space where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle or say a short prayer to start. Begin with a few quiet minutes and then try longer times as you get used to it.

How to Go Deeper in Your Practice

To deepen your prayer, try new ways to connect with the higher power. For example, you can add breath work or chanting to your routine. This helps to calm your mind more.

Make time for prayer every day. Seek advice from those who have been doing this longer. Or join a prayer group for extra support.

As you keep going, you feel more peace and a stronger spiritual connection.


In short, contemplative prayer can make you feel peaceful and spiritually connected. To start, understand what it is, set up the right space, and pick a suitable method. Then make it a daily habit.

By doing this, you make your spiritual life richer and more peaceful. Let’s take this spiritual step today.

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