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Seeking Love: How to Pray for a Husband

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Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime, so having a spiritual leader to guide and advise can be invaluable.

Praying for a Christian husband is an excellent idea because it let’s you focus on the qualities you look for in a man. In this article, we give you ideas to implement into this exciting journey.

How to Pray for a Husband

When praying for a husband, it is essential to remember the importance of patience, clarity and faith in divine timing on the path towards finding your soul mate.

Surround yourself with supportive people who can assist during this long season of waiting (e.g. a spiritual mentor or prayer group).

Making Scripture your guide when praying can be an effective way of connecting with God and finding guidance. Perhaps you want your husband’s character to reflect that of Scripture?

If you need additional guidance in praying for your husband, “Prayers That Bless Your Husband” by Bruce Wilkinson and Heather Hair can be an invaluable resource.

Packed full of insightful prayers with Scripture references that support each prayer request for him, this resource can help turn you into an effective prayer warrior!

From Prayer to Action

Life’s stresses can easily divert our focus away from prayer, making it all the more vital to find resources that help keep us intentional in prayer.

No matter if you are single praying for your future partner or married with one already; or celibate serving faithfully. No matter when or how late it may be for beginning this journey to finding someone special.

As you pray for a future spouse, make sure to claim Scripture promises for him. Pray that he would be equipped to lead your family spiritually while spending time with God daily.

Protect him from being drawn away from Christ by those who tempt him away; seek wisdom from Him continually as you continue praying – then trust in Divine timing that He will bring two lives together through it all!

Clarity in Prayer

When praying for your future husband, it is essential that you focus on any specific desires God has placed within your heart.

Additionally, it’s crucial that you develop a daily prayer routine that works for you: whether that means writing prayers in a journal, setting aside an hour each day to devote to prayer.

Gather friends together for group prayer sessions; find a system that works for you so you can live by faith and stay focused on pursuing what you desire in a future partner.

Prayerfully consider praying that your future husband would develop a deep and abiding faith in Christ, growing closer each day and becoming more like Him.

Also ensure he has positive influences around him who can support and encourage him in being his best self – after all, “you become what you surround yourself with”.

Pray that he may gain wisdom in all areas of his life – finances, church attendance and family matters among them.

Trust in Divine Timing

We often hear phrases such as, “in due time” and “God will provide in His own time,” reinforcing that divine timing plays a pivotal role in finding our life partners.

Prayer with patience and clarity will ensure that His plan for your future husband comes to fruition.

Pray that your future husband develops his relationship with Christ and finds strength in Him during times of trial.

Though he may be tempted to compromise his faith by surrounding himself with people from the world, you as his wife must do your part to safeguard his character and ensure he remains on a godly path.

As part of our efforts to aid you in praying for your future husband, we have compiled a list of Bible verses for daily meditation on your future husband.

Feel free to print this list out and place it on the wall as a daily prayer reminder or simply recite these prayers as war room prayers during battle room meetings with him.

Living in Faith

Character is central to human life; pray that his virtue and integrity remain strengthened through trials. Be thankful that he can rely on Jesus as strength when life gets difficult, as well as that his life will be full of people who support his faith.

At the core of it all lies your husband living according to God’s plan for him – whether this involves career choices, health or family considerations; pray that he be guided by the Holy Spirit as he deepens his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Selecting appropriate prayer verses to pray for your future husband is of paramount importance.

We’ve put together this list of Bible verses as an aid and source of inspiration when praying for your future mate.

This way you can have meaningful and intentional discussions with God about these men in your life and support and align yourself with their hearts more easily.


As you pray for your future husband, pray that he sees himself as God’s helper and acts as spiritual leader within his home, friends, church and work settings.

Additionally, prayer can be used as an effective tool for change as it aligns our hearts to His will – God bless and may you find strength and joy as you walk the path of faith together.

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