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How To Share Your Christian Faith

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When it comes to sharing your Christian faith, you don’t need to be a pastor, a priest, or a prophet to share. Each one of us is called to partake in sharing the gospel message of Christ.

In our world today, everyone’s got what they believe in. Getting to share your Christian faith comes with different challenges and obstacles.

There is usually the fear of having to face rejection from people, having a feeling of awkwardness, fear of appearing judgmental, lack of courage, and being introverted.

You can give to others the gift of faith you have received through sharing, making them participate in God’s love, truth, and His uncountable blessings.

Sharing your Christian faith is all about applying the appropriate steps and less about shame.

Why Should I Share My Christian Faith

It is important to know why you should share your Christian faith before going about it. Sharing your faith is not just optional but a must for us.

Faith itself is a supernatural gift from God that enables us to believe what God has revealed without doubting it. God desires everyone to be saved; that’s why Jesus died for us.

We share our faith to enlighten people about our loving Creator and Father. Sharing our faith in God deepens our conviction in God.

It blesses the world around us, strengthens the life of the church, reminds us of God’s goodness to us, and helps us obey the voice of Jesus by fulfilling the great commission, “Go preach to the world.”

To Whom

The Christian faith should not be constrained to a particular age group of people alone. Even children are welcome to receive the gospel. It should extend to all humans, from the little child on your street to the teenagers in your neighborhood.

Where Should I Share

There is no specific place to share your Christian faith. It mustn’t be just the church that people hear the word of God, but it can be just anywhere. It could be at the bus station, at the gym, when hanging out with friends, and so on.

Appropriate Time To Share My Faith

The best time to share your Christian faith is when opportunities arise for you to share. These moments may occur from conversing with people of authentic relationships like co-workers and friends, be it over lunch/ breaks.

When discussing challenging life problems, you can easily chip in how your Christian faith has helped you pass through them.

When asked questions about your faith in God, be ready to stand firm and express yourself as, who knows, you may end up encouraging someone who has lost hope in life.

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What Medium To Use

There are various mediums to use when it comes to sharing your Christian faith.

This can be through social media, the radio, having your own podcast, writing articles, novels, books, and movies, distributing handbills and flyers, tele-evangelization, personal and crowd contacts, and encouraging text/ audio messages.

What To Do

You don’t have to panic and freak out anymore. Here are some steps you can follow for effective faith sharing.

Pray: Prayer is the key to all things. Pray to God before going about sharing your faith. Ask Him for courage, direction, and the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

Be Confident: When sharing your Christian faith, have confidence that God’s got your back. When opportunities arise, do not be afraid to share your faith.

Start: Starting is always the most difficult part of anything. We all want to share our faith but how to is the problem. Take the bold step today and see the power of God in you.

Tell Your Story: Talk about your story; acknowledge your weaknesses and doubts. Tell how God has helped you overcome your life battles, how He forgives you, loves you, rescues you, heals you, and blesses you.

Listen: Sharing your Christian faith doesn’t just involve talking but active listening to the person we are sharing with. So many times, we are engrossed in our own speech that we forget to listen.

The person may want to talk about his fears, doubts, dark past, and concerns. In such a situation, we must demonstrate Christ’s love and understanding.

Explain the Gospel Message: State a clear Bible passage and explain to the person God’s gift of salvation to humanity. You can easily pick up and memorize two or three passages regarding that.

Do as you say: As the saying goes, it is easier said than done. We are good at preaching without putting it into practice. Usually, people are not interested in what you have to say but look at your actions.

Avoid Debates: Many are subject to different belief systems in this day and age. It is important to avoid the temptation of going into a debate or argument about God/ religious matters when sharing your faith.

Stay positively minded and focused. Follow the example of Jesus by avoiding quarrels. Focus on delivering the message of Christ and leave if the conversation turns into a heated argument.

Simplicity: Do not complicate matters. Hit the nail on the head by talking about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let people know God is willing to welcome them into His kingdom.

Be the Image of Christ: Aspire and do your best to be a representative of Jesus Christ in the world. Be kind, gentle, show love and respect to all. Be charitable and be a godly example to those who are watching our lives.

Last thought about how to share your Christian faith,

Sharing your faith is not burdensome, after all. It just involves starting and following the proper methods and doing the right thing.