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How to Start a Prayer Journal

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Chances are that you have recently heard about the wonders of prayer journals.

They not only have the capacity to empower you, but they also have the ability to aid in reinforcing your commitment to humbling yourself in front of our Lord and His Holy teachings.

If that sounds like something you are interested in, then it means that you are ready and eager to start a prayer journal of your very own; in which case, this is the very place you need to be.

The first matter is to determine where you are along your path of starting a prayer journal. Are you at the point where you are ready to convey your thoughts and words of worship with pen on to paper but are just not sure where to start?

Or are you in the process of looking to purchase and create a prayer journal of your own? Regardless, we will provide you with the knowledge on how to start both.

What Is a Prayer Journal?

First, we must first bring clarity to those who do not know what a prayer journal is, so that they too can learn of its benefits and join us on this path of devotion.

At its very simplest, a prayer journal is nothing more than an ordinary journal or diary in which you can write down your thoughts and words you would have otherwise silently spoken in your mind during prayer.

Keep in mind that that is a surface-level evaluation of what a prayer journal is, for it is so much more than a simple diary. A prayer journal is also a physical reminder of your devotion to our Lord.

In addition, it is a place in which you can write down your thoughts during prayer, allowing them to be unhindered by the burdens of our modern lives which often disrupt our focus.

The journal also carries the benefit of aiding the faithful in reaffirming the teachings of our Lord, serving as a physical reminder of the promises we have made to Him, and tenants we must abide by.

Lastly, as the journal can become a physical reminder of your devotion to Christ, it too can serve as a symbol and protective weapon against the fallen angel and his demonic temptations.

How to Acquire a Prayer Journal

Now that we can rest assured in the knowledge that we all understand what a prayer journal is and the importance it can carry, we may now move on to the matter of how to start one.

Let’s begin with how to acquire one. As mentioned earlier, a prayer journal is, at first, simply a vessel to house your prayers and reflections and to aid you in maintaining focus during prayer.

For that reason, an ordinary and classic journal or diary would be more than sufficient to serve as your prayer journal.

One should also remember that your prayer journal is yours, and as such, you are allowed to find one which visually appeals to or aligns with your tastes and personality.

Leatherbound, decorative and colorful, embossed with flower patterns, or simply plain and elegant – the choice is up to you.

This next piece of advice is appropriate for both those who have just acquired their first prayer journal and those who already own one but as of yet have not written in it.

It is strongly recommended that you pray to the Lord and the Holy Spirit, asking them to bless this vessel which will contain and house your words of devotion and thoughts of contemplation.

With that done, we can now move ahead with the actual act of using the journal for recording your prayers.

So, How Should You Start a Prayer Journal?

As with any new project or interest, getting started can often be the most intimidating and challenging part.

Whether it’s starting a new job, starting to learn a new language, or starting to begin the next stage in your spiritual journey, all will seem difficult, challenging, or imposing at first.

Yet, it does not have to be, provided you start with a clear mind and an eager spirit. Ultimately, there is no real proper way as to how to start. Ideally, one must start with what they feel needs to be said or put down in writing first.

However, that can seem challenging for some, so that is why we have still prepared some recommendations and tips on how to start. The first is a rather simple suggestion, and that is to use your prayer journal as a space to record your daily prayers.

Write what you would have said to the Lord during prayer, allowing your skill with the pen to artfully place them down with the emotions that stir your heart.

The second piece of advice builds on the first, and that is to write down both all the positive and uplifting things which happened to you and your loved ones, as well as all the things for which you are thankful.

Record all the blessings past and present that our Lord has graced your life with. We cannot think of a better way to show our thanks and gratitude to Him than to take the time to sit down and write them out with reverence.

Lastly, you can also write down all of the passages and words of scripture that you feel have most impacted you, or the ones you feel you need at the moment to reach where you need to go.

The beauty of this choice is that it really allows you to physically engage with the holy texts, not only to write them down but to also think deeply about every word and its meaning within the text.

It allows you to study and contemplate the wisdom that the blessed have left behind for us to learn and grow from.

Final Thoughts

Once you have opened your journal and have prepared yourself to start, you will find that your fears vanish.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that you will know exactly what to do and how to begin at that very moment. Let go and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. We hope this detailed guide on how to continue your spiritual journey was enlightening.