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How To Use Prayer Cards

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Prayer cards are a unique form of getting to remind ourselves about certain prayer points which we have neglected over time. These cards serve as intercessors for people in different situations.

They break down barriers that make you stall or backslide in your prayer routine.

They are important because they exclusively create testimonies of God’s work in the life of your friends, loved ones, and also your life as you pray. Amazingly, these cards are a visible and physical form of answered prayers.

Prayer cards were first used by the Roman Catholics in 1500. The cards were made from wood but in this era, they are printed and handed out. They are now used by Christians all over the world to improve their prayer life.

Ways To Use Prayer Cards?

There are different ways these cards can be used along with prayers. Most times you can forget to use them because they are hidden away from your sight and it can make you forget they exist.

These refined cards can serve as reminders when placed on surfaces where they can be easily seen.

Place them on your refrigerators, mirrors, doors, your Bible, prayer books and other relevant places which will help you remember to use them. A box is an ideal option to store your prayer cards.

Interceding for people with different prayer points is key as it makes you more like Christ. It also makes you pray not just for yourself but for others, both known and unknown.

You will never know the power of praying for others until the impact is felt by them and you will be amazed at how great God is.

Important Tips About Making Your Own Prayer Cards

Saying a prayer for others is very important as we all need each other. To make your prayer cards useful, keep things simple.

Here are some tips to help you in creating your prayer cards.

  • Write down all your prayer points and use words that are simple, easily comprehensible, and straightforward.
  • Include bible verses that align with each prayer point. This enables you to easily get through the prayers without much difficulty.
  • During your prayers, do not waste time on a particular card. You can pick out a few areas you are determined to pray for instead of focusing and spending a long time on one card.
  • You can date your cards in order to keep track of all the unfolding testimonies.
  • It is important that you add prayer points to your cards once you remember them. Look around you, what don’t you like? You can change that situation by adding it to your card and praying about it.
  • Make it a habit to pray with your cards daily because it brings you closer to God and uplifts you spiritually.
  • Depending on the number of cards, you can pick a few at random to pray on or just pray with the whole bunch.

Why Are Prayer Cards Important?

As small as these cards may seem, they are of great importance in the lives of the faithful. They improve and strengthen your prayer life, encourage others to pray, build upcoming Christians in faith, and revitalize ministries.

They also provide Bible references for each prayer point. God loves it when we remind Him of His words, especially through prayer.

The prayers are simple, cards are portable, and can be used anywhere at any time based on your preference. These cards are relevant for those struggling to stay focused while they are in prayer.

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Types Of Prayer Cards

Depending on your prayer points, there are different types of cards. Relevant prayer points should be assigned to each aspect that concerns you. Here are some types outlined for you.

Group Cards

As the name implies, it is meant for a group of people or an organization as long as there are more than two people in the group. This includes places like schools, churches, extended family members, Bible study groups, and so on.

Individual Cards

You must have those incredibly special people in your life before you can create an individual card. These cards are specifically meant for people closely related to you.

Especially those who have shared or disclosed one or two intentions to you so you can pray for them. They can include your spouse, your children, close family or relatives, friends, and others.

These cards must be made special as they are dedicated to the most extraordinary people in your life.

Personal Cards

These cards relate directly to your personal life and areas you need to change. They deal highly with the different aspects or areas of your life which require some tweaking.

These cards are made for serious issues regarding your personal growth, success, and progress in life.

Some of those aspects include gratitude, your dreams and aspirations, your work, inner repentance, your marriage, businesses, growth, and many others.

Other Praying Cards

Amazingly, these cards are meant for more specific types of prayers which require your focus. That includes cards for world problems, missionaries, cultural concerns, for the sick, for the dying, for nations, for peace, and so on.

Benefits Of Prayer Cards

  • They are sturdy and filled with scriptures
  • They cover every prayer point effectively
  • Using prayer cards helps you use the scriptures to pray
  • These cards help you focus on one prayer point at a time
  • They improve your spirituality
  • The cards leave you with a trail of fully answered prayers


Don’t be a Christian with no purpose and instead let Christ reflect through you to others via prayer. The busyness of the world can make you unaware of situations around you.

Prayer cards are an outstanding tool that will help you remember or keep in mind certain forgotten prayer points. They help make your prayer table organized and also help you strengthen your faith.

Now you know what prayer cards entail, why not make your own unique prayer cards today and remain spiritual? Incredibly, these cards can be used by different classes of society, both the rich and the poor alike.

The cards are not expensive, are easy to transport, and create a connection between you and God.

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