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Nativity Scene with Baby Jesus – Coloring Page

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Nativity scene with baby Jesus - Free Coloring Page

A Nativity Scene Christmas Children’s Story

One evening, as Christmas approached, little Amy looked curiously at the nativity scene her father had set up. She asked, “Daddy, why do we have this scene with Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the others every Christmas?”

Her father knelt down next to her and said, “Amy, this scene represents the very first Christmas. It’s called a nativity scene. Let’s go through it.”

He pointed to the tiny figure in the manger. “This is Baby Jesus, God’s son, given to us as the greatest gift. His birth is the reason we celebrate Christmas. See how He is in a manger? It shows that He was born in humble surroundings.”

Next, he pointed to the figures of Mary and Joseph. “These are His parents, Mary and Joseph. They traveled far and faced many hardships, but they trusted God’s plan for them and for Jesus.”

He then pointed to the shepherds and the Wise Men. “These men were among the first to recognize Jesus as the promised Savior.

The shepherds were told of His birth by angels, and the Wise Men followed the Star of Bethlehem to find Him.” Amy looked at the angel figures. “And the angels?”

Her father smiled. “They were God’s messengers, announcing the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. They represent the joy and glory of heaven at Jesus’ birth.”

He then pointed to the star above the stable. “This star guided the Wise Men to Jesus. It’s a symbol of God’s light leading us to His son.”

Amy looked at the nativity scene with new understanding. “So, it’s not just a decoration, it’s a reminder of the genuine Christmas story.”

Her father nodded. “Exactly, Amy. It helps us remember the miracle of Jesus’ birth and the true meaning of Christmas.”

From that day forward, Amy saw the nativity scene not just as a decoration, but as a special reminder of God’s love for humanity, demonstrated through the humble birth of His son, Jesus.

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