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Partridge in a Pear Tree – Coloring Page

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Partridge in a pear tree - Free Coloring Page

A Partridge in a Pear Tree Christmas Children’s Story

Once upon a time, on a bright Sunday morning, little Benjamin asked his father, “Dad, why do we sing about a partridge in a pear tree at Christmas time?”

His father smiled, pulling Benjamin onto his lap. “Well, son, that’s a good question. It’s more than just a song. There’s a story and meaning behind it.”

Pointing outside to the garden, he continued, “Do you see that bird in the pear tree?” Benjamin nodded. “That’s a partridge. Partridges usually stay on the ground. They rarely nest in trees.

But in our Christmas carol, the partridge is in the tree, which makes it special.” He went on, “The partridge symbolizes Jesus Christ. Just as a partridge would sacrifice itself to protect its young, so did Jesus’ sacrifice himself for us.

The pear tree in the song, bearing fruit and reaching towards the sky, represents the cross and God’s love that is bountiful and ever-reaching.”

He explained further, “When we sing ‘a partridge in a pear tree’ again and again, we’re reminded of the continual presence of Christ in our lives. Just as the song repeats, so does God’s love, day after day, year after year.”

Seeing Benjamin’s puzzled face, he simplified, “Think of it like this, Ben. Every time we sing about the partridge in the pear tree, we’re remembering how much Jesus loves us.”

Benjamin beamed, understanding dawning on his face. “So, it’s not just about a bird and a tree, it’s about Jesus and His love for us!” “Exactly, son,” his father replied, hugging him closer.

That Christmas, and every Christmas after, Benjamin sang about the partridge in a pear tree with a new understanding and joy. To him, it wasn’t just a song, but a reminder of Jesus’s love and sacrifice – a truly special Christmas message.

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