Prayer Items that Increase Faith

By Faith and Rain, 22 February, 2024
Christian colorful prayer beads with a blazing sun in the back

A prayer is a powerful tool that many people used to connect with their faith, seek guidance, and find peace.

Prayer can take many forms, from silent meditation to spoken words, and can be practiced alone or with others. While prayer is a deeply personal practice, people use many items to enhance their prayer experience.

These items can help focus the mind, create a calming atmosphere, and bring a sense of comfort and connection to one’s faith.

Increase Faith with these Prayer Items

This article will explore some of the most common prayer items used in various religions and spiritual practices.

We will discuss the history, significance, and use of traditional prayer items, written prayer items, other prayer items, and personal prayer items.

Understanding the different prayer items available allows readers to explore their faith and deepen their connection to their spiritual practice.

Traditional Prayer Items

We have used traditional prayer items for centuries in various religions and spiritual practices. These items can help practitioners focus their minds and create a sense of calm and peace during prayer.

Prayer Beads

We commonly use prayer beads in many religions, including Catholicism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The most well-known form of prayer bead is the Catholic rosary.

The rosary comprises a string of beads that are used to count prayers, with each bead representing a specific prayer.

Using the rosary helps Catholics focus their minds on the mysteries of the faith and create a sense of calm and peace.

Prayer Shawls

In Judaism, prayer shawls, also known as tallitot, are worn during prayer. The tallitot is a sizeable rectangular garment that is draped over the shoulders and has fringes on each corner.

The prayer shawl is a symbol of the connection between the worshiper and their faith and is worn during prayer to create a sense of comfort and connection.

Prayer Candles

We commonly use prayer candles in many religions. Lighting a candle during prayer can create a calming atmosphere and symbolize the divine.

In Catholicism, candles are often lit in front of statues of saints or the Virgin Mary. In Buddhism, candles are used to symbolize the light of wisdom and enlightenment.

This is reflected in their name, which is translated as “the lamp of wisdom.”

Blessed Items

Blessed items, such as crosses, medals, and holy water, are common in many religions. We believe these items to carry the power of the divine and can bring protection, healing, and spiritual connection.

Blessed items can be worn or kept in the home and can be a source of comfort and strength during prayer.

Written Prayer Items

Written prayer items, such as prayer books and cards, are another common tool to enhance prayer practice. These items can guide and inspire during prayer and help practitioners focus their minds on their faith.

Prayer Books

They commonly use prayer books in many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These books contain prayers, psalms, and other devotional material that can be used during prayer.

Prayer books can guide personal prayer practice or to take part in group prayer.


In Christianity, crosses are common symbols used during prayer. The cross is a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and is used to remind practitioners of the power of redemption and forgiveness.


The crucifix, which depicts Jesus on the cross, is a powerful symbol of faith and can help practitioners connect with the divine during prayer. This item of prayer is built with various materials like wood, metal and plastic.

Prayer Rugs

In Islam, prayer rugs or mats and blankets are used during prayer to create a clean and sacred space for worship. These rugs are typically made of soft material and are used to create a sense of comfort and connection during prayer.

Prayer Blankets

In other religions, such as Native American spirituality, prayer blankets are used to wrap oneself in during prayer as a symbol of protection and spiritual connection.

Prayer Journals

Prayer journals and prayer cards are tools many practitioners use to record their prayers, thoughts, and reflections. Prayer journals can track personal spiritual growth.

Prayer Cards

Prayer cards can provide guidance and inspiration during prayer. These items can be a helpful way to deepen one’s personal connection to their faith.

Other Prayer Items

We can find other prayer items in various spiritual practices. These items can enhance the prayer experience and create a sense of connection to the divine.


In Christianity, the Bible is a fundamental tool used for personal and group prayer. The Bible contains the faith’s sacred texts and provides guidance and inspiration for prayer practice.

Study Bibles

Study Bibles can provide additional context and understanding for practitioners to deepen their connection to the text.

Prayer Beads

They use prayer beads in many religions to count prayers and create a sense of focus and connection during prayer. In Hinduism, the mala beads are used to recite mantras.

In Sufi Islam, the tasbih beads are used to recite the names of Allah. This use of beads can help practitioners focus their minds and create a sense of calm during prayer.

Seal of the Church

In Catholicism, the Seal of the Church marks documents for ecclesiastical purposes. This item can sign documents during prayer or on an article of clothing during spiritual practice.

When an individual signs a document or item with the Seal of the Church, they recognize the authority of the Catholic Church.

Worship Centers

In Christianity and other religions that use traditional worship venues, a worship center can provide a place for practitioners to gather during prayer.

They can decorate the worship center with symbols representing faith and providing inspiration and guidance while offering peace and comfort.

Personal Prayer Items

We can use Personal prayer items during personal prayer practice to enhance the connection between practitioner and their faith.


Incense is commonly used in many religions to create a sense of sacredness and connection during prayer. In Buddhism, incense purifies space and creates a sense of calm and peace.

Prayer Flags

In Tibetan Buddhism, they hang prayer flags outside to spread blessings and protection. People hang prayer flags in high places like the roof-top of a house, a tower or even a mountain.

Anybody that comes near these prayer flags are blessed with good fortune.

Holy Water

We commonly use holy water in many religions, including Christianity and Hinduism.

Holy water is believed to have the power to purify and bless, and can be used during prayer to create a sense of spiritual connection and protection.

When placed on altars, the water can create a sense of cleansing and cleansing for the individual and their space. In Christianity, holy water is used to wash hands before prayer.

Personal Prayer Items

Personal prayer items are a common practice amongst different religious practices. Personal prayer items can enhance one’s personal connection to their faith.

These items can be a helpful way to deepen one’s personal connection to their faith and strengthen the prayer experience.

Devotional Literature

They use devotional literature in many religions and is a source of inspiration and guidance on faith and prayer.

Reading devotional literature can help deepen the connection to God and inspire personal prayer practice. Examples of devotional literature include daily devotionals, spiritual books, and inspirational quotes.

Career-Specific Literature

In some religions, they use specific literature for people who work in the ministry or as religious leaders. This literature can guide how to lead others in prayer and deepen their personal prayer practice.

In Christianity, for example, we often use the Bible as the primary source of guidance for pastors and ministers.

Prayer Apps

In modern technology, prayer apps are becoming increasingly popular. These apps provide guidance on prayer and can include daily devotionals, prayer reminders, and guided meditations.

A prayer app can help keep the practitioner accountable and consistent in their prayer practice. This can be helpful for those who struggle with consistent prayer practice.

These apps can help deepen the practitioner’s understanding of their faith and inspire prayer.

Prayer Items to Enhance Prayer Practice

Prayer in different religions is a personal experience that can be complex and challenging.

By learning about different religions and taking advantage of the varying tools and items used for prayer, practitioners can enhance their prayer practice in any religious tradition.

This deeper understanding of prayer can help create an even stronger connection to your faith and strengthen your personal relationship with God.

Praying is a significant part of any spiritual practice. By developing a deep understanding and knowledge of the different ways to pray, practitioners can deepen their connection to their faith and strengthen their personal relationship with God.

In most religions, prayer is a fundamental part of the spiritual practice. Practitioners often have a variety of tools and items that they use while they pray.

By learning about these items, practitioners can deepen their connection with God and increase the effectiveness of their prayer practice.


Prayer items can serve as a physical reminder of the spiritual connection and can aid in focusing the mind during prayer.

Traditional prayer items like prayer beads, shawls, candles, and blessed items have been used for centuries and have significant meaning in various religions.

Written prayer items like prayer books, crosses, and prayer rugs guide prayer and serve as a reminder of the connection to God.

Other prayer items like the Bible, study Bibles, incense, prayer flags, and holy water can deepen the prayer experience.

Personal prayer items like devotional literature, career-specific literature, and prayer apps can enhance personal prayer practice.

As practitioners, it’s important to explore different prayer items and find what works best for us in deepening our faith and strengthening our connection to the divine.

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