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Santa’s Elves working in a Toy Shop – Coloring Page

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Santa's Elves working in a toy shop - Free Coloring Page

A Christmas Santa’s Elves Children’s Story

One wintry day, little Nathan asked his Sunday School teacher, “Miss Ada, what do Santa’s elves do, and why are they so important for Christmas?”

Miss Ada gathered the class around and shared the story of Santa’s elves. “Nathan, Santa’s elves are very special helpers. They are small, with pointy ears and rosy cheeks, always wearing colorful clothes.

But it’s not how they look that makes them special, it’s what they do.” She explained that the elves’ work all year round in Santa’s workshop at the North Pole, making the toys that Santa delivers to children on Christmas Eve.

“They’re not just hard workers, but also talented craft-workers. They can make many toys, from teddy bears to toy cars.” “The elves,” Miss Ada continued, “are known for their cheerful and playful nature.

They love to sing and dance while they work, reminding us to always find joy in what we do, just like the Bible teaches us to do everything with love.” “But,” Nathan interjected, “why do they help Santa?”

“Well,” Miss Ada replied, “the elves are loyal to Santa and their purpose is to spread joy to children around the world. They share the same mission as Santa, to remind us of the gift God gave us on Christmas, His son Jesus Christ.

The elves, in their own way, help carry the message of love, joy, and generosity that is at the heart of Christmas.” As the children listened to the story, their eyes shone with understanding and wonder.

From that day on, every time they thought of Santa’s elves, they didn’t just see toy makers but messengers of Christmas joy, echoing the love of Christ, the true reason for the season.

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