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Snowman with a Hat – Coloring Page

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A snowman with a hat - Free Coloring Page

A Snowman Christmas Children’s Story

Once upon a time, in a town blanketed by fresh snow, little Samuel went outside to play. He built a snowman for Christmas, and his mother gave him an old hat to place on its head. Samuel asked, “Mom, why does the snowman need a hat?”

Smiling, his mother replied, “Well, Samuel, the hat is more than just a decoration. Let’s build our snowman, and I’ll explain.”

Together, they rolled three large balls of snow and stacked them one on top of the other.

Samuel’s mom said, “You see, we made our snowman from three parts, just like how God is three in one – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Next, they found two twigs for the snowman’s arms. “These arms,” Samuel’s mom explained, “remind us to reach out and care for others, just like Jesus did.”

Samuel then placed stones for the eyes and mouth and added a carrot for the nose. “Our snowman’s face,” his mom said, “shows that even though we’re all made from the same love of God, each of us is unique in our own way.”

Samuel then wrapped a cozy scarf around the snowman’s neck. His mother explained, “The scarf reminds us of God’s warmth and love that surrounds us, even during the coldest times.”

Finally, Samuel placed the old hat on top of the snowman’s head. His mom smiled and said, “The hat protects our snowman, just like God’s love and wisdom protects us.

And like the hat that completes our snowman, God’s love completes us.” Samuel looked at their snowman, sparkling under the winter sun, and felt a deep sense of joy.

Every time he saw the snowman, it reminded him of God’s love and the teachings of his faith. And from that day on, the snowman with a hat became more than just a Christmas tradition; it became a symbol of his Christian faith.

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