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Teaching Kids How to Pray Effectively

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Consider having your children pray for what they need or desire. A short prayer before bedtime or longer ones during the day is a wonderful way of showing children that God hears and values their prayers.

Make sure that children learn a variety of prayer methods without forcing any one specific method on them; different strategies allow children to gain a deeper connection to God.

Teach Children How to Pray

Many different methods exist for teaching kids how to pray, yet no method should make your kids feel that their prayers are somehow less worthy if they do not adhere to its rules.

Prayer should not be seen as just another task for which we need to complete daily; rather it should be an experience shared between both parties involved.

Introduce children to prayer daily – at meal times and bedtime are both natural times to pray.

However, praying throughout the day enables children to give thanks when something positive has occurred, and bring their worries or concerns before Him.

Family devotions provide another great opportunity for children to build their “prayerfulness muscles,” and show that God listens and answers prayers.

Find creative ways for your family to celebrate answered prayers; one family writes them on sticky notes and posts them somewhere special!

Praying for Protection

Children face many threats every day, from physical harm to spiritual challenges like temptation and peer pressure. Praying for protection can give children peace of mind.

Father God, we pray that You would provide Your divine protection over [child’s name]. Help them realize the value and worth you have placed on their lives.

Defend them against those seeking to exploit or threaten them and give them strength against their lures or threats.

Lord, we lift up girls who are prevented from continuing their education due to conflict, disasters, poverty or cultural differences. Please keep them safe while providing for their needs and offering hope through education.

Bless them with Your presence and remove any impediments to learning that stand in the way.

Praying for Wisdom

When kids face challenges or need wisdom, they can turn to prayer as an answer.

James 1:5 states this truth by encouraging those seeking insight to turn to God for assistance: if any lack wisdom, “let him ask God who gives generously without reproach; and it shall be given him.”

Help children realize that God hears their prayers and is ready to respond, whether that means answering exactly as requested, waiting, or even saying no. Point out His answers during your prayers together so they see that He listens and cares.

Make sure children understand they can pray at any time and any place, from grocery store trips to friend birthday parties. Encourage them to turn to Jesus when feeling stressed out or need guidance and support.

He is always there to listen and lead them down a path towards success.

Praying for Health

Children need to stay healthy to lead full lives. Praying for their physical and mental well-being can help ensure they remain strong, focused, and find guidance and support from above.

A healthy body can result from several sources, including proper nutrition and healthcare services, supportive family relationships and access to safe water resources that keep them safe.

Many children around the world lack basic necessities, which puts them at risk of disease and illness due to inadequate healthcare or food. Pray that God will assist these vulnerable families find healing and hope for the future.

Maintaining Faith

With this prayer, we ask God for guidance and strength in order to encourage their children’s education.

May parents and other family members be given the ability to help their kids overcome any barriers such as lack of money, violence, child marriage, or traditions that do not value learning.

Instead of teaching your children the “correct way” to pray, allow them to approach God however they wish – this will increase the likelihood that they’ll stick with praying as they won’t feel pressured to perform it perfectly every time.

Teach children that God listens and answers prayers. Explain that His answers might take any number of forms; He may grant the wish they made directly or may change it, delay responding or say no altogether.

Furthermore, make them aware that He hears their prayers even when they’re not actively praying.


As parents and caregivers, we can teach kids the value of prayer as a means of blessing, guiding, and protecting against COVID-19, accidents, predators, and people with negative intentions.

Furthermore, praying can strengthen faith that is grounded in truth as they develop. Creating prayer habits early is often key in building lifelong faith practices.

Praying throughout the day and in various situations is vital. Be on the lookout for opportunities where you can pray with and for your children, just as you should look out for opportunities to demonstrate good manners or show sportsmanship.

One of the most powerful things you can do for your children is pray blessings over them. Praying a Biblical blessing over them may feel awkward at first, but after repeated practice it will become natural and comforting.

Blessings should not be used as prayers asking God for something; they’re simply declarations of truth and affirmation from you to them.

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