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What Is a Prayer Card?

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In this modern age, I am guessing you could be wondering why one needs a prayer card. With all the technologies around us, it may look outdated. Well, it is not.

These cards are important sources of prayers that remind us of certain aspects or persons we ought to pray for.

It also gives you a lot of space to take a break from distractions such as phones, laptops, and other devices which always seem to be interrupting our focus.

Prayer cards are labeled with prayer points for either individuals or things you intend to pray about. They keep you focused, saying one prayer at a time and building your rapport with God.

Who Needs A Prayer Card?

Understandably, every Christian does. From church members to Sunday school teachers. Everyone has their way of praying and this might seem vague and unwarranted.

It only becomes an important aspect of your life once you begin using it. Prayer cards keep you focused on certain intentions that you never imagined that you would pray for.

These cards are also relevant for people who do not have an established way of praying for others. Praying for others increases our love for God and the persons themselves.

Why Use Prayer Cards?

Many people will ask, why should I put my prayer points on a card? What is the purpose of cards when I can just simply pray as usual in the silence of my heart for any intention that comes to my mind and as the Spirit leads?

I can study the Scripture and pray, isn’t that enough? Well, we are all entitled to our own opinions especially in regards to our daily prayer routine.

The world has so many obstacles and distractions that keep us from regularly performing and carrying out our prayers efficiently as we intended.

This is exactly where the prayer cards come in. These cards help break down those barriers by reminding us of what we have to do. Sometimes we may also lack prayer points and then these prayer cards come in handy, too.

The cards also help you focus on other people’s intentions, not just on yours. Is that not amazing?

Types Of Prayer Cards

Praying for different intentions can be done in multiple ways. Prayer cards become very useful in such situations. They include:

Prayer Cards for Your Family

This is a very important aspect of your prayers. You can’t do without praying for your family members. This type of card can be used to attend to prayer points that are important in the life of your family members.

It could be for unity and love within your family, for progress, or for job opportunities. Many other numerous intentions can be added to your family prayer card.

For People Suffering

Making cards for such people will go a long way to help make them feel better in their time of suffering and despair.

Suffering can be mental, physical, financial, or emotional. It could be as a result of poverty, ill health, or any other form of hardship. This card will make you see the suffering of others who are in pain but do not give up.

For Non-Christians

You do not know how far your prayers can go, especially when praying for non-Christians and non-believers. It will amaze you that your prayers can make them turn a new leaf.

For Your Friends

All your friends may seem special to you in one way or the other. Having a prayer card for them is also important. Who knows the burdens they face in life? Some of them might also ask you to pray for specific intentions for them.

Do you remember them all? Prayer cards will always serve as reminders for your prayer routine and intercession for your friends.

For Your Church

Cards can be developed to cover the intentions of your church. It could be for the growth of its members and leaders, teams, children, and as many other intentions as necessary.

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Prayer for Your Country or The World

So many difficult things and turmoil are happening in the world right now. The only remedy to this is powerful prayer which can assist in alleviating the issues surrounding us.

Prayer cards will always remind you to pray for your country or even the entire planet.

Memorial Cards

These are important to families because they remind both family members and friends about their loved ones who passed on. Many other types of prayer cards can be created based on your intentions.

Ways Prayer Cards Can Be Used

There are numerous ways these prayer cards can be used within your community. Here are some unique ways to consider.

They can be used as training and teaching tools. Amazingly, they can be used to teach students the importance of prayer in schools. This can be achieved, for instance, through Bible study groups or fellowships.

Learning to use these cards at an early stage will help students and children develop the habit of praying with cards. They will get used to it over time and easily pass it on to others

You can carry your cards around to use them to pray in your free time. At the same time, you can place them in visible spaces where they would serve as reminders. This includes places such as on doors, fridges, tables, or other surfaces.

The cards can be set on a table at home, at retreats, or at a conference. People can be encouraged to pick any card to pray upon daily.

Food products can be used to place cards on. Imagine seeing a product with a prayer card attached to it. Amazing, right? It keeps you on track, especially with prayers.

These cards can be used for praying cooperatively. They are small-sized cards that can be carried anywhere.

Advantages Of Prayer Cards

  • They help you look at situations from different perspectives
  • Prayer cards give you specific prayer points to dwell on
  • In the end, you get to see how God has answered your prayers in bits and pieces through testimonies
  • Praying is done for one person at a time


Ever imagined praying for someone else? How many times has someone requested that you pray for them? Have you? Do you even remember to pray for them or remember their intentions? Explore the use of prayer cards.

This will help you pray for others and cover all the parts you have been unable to capture over the years. It is a reliable and efficient form of communicating with God on behalf of others.

Prayer cards are very essential in interceding on behalf of others who are not capable of praying for themselves or who do not believe in the power of prayer.

They are unique, small, and portable cards that can be carried to any place of choice with the ability to keep expanding the range of prayers.

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