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What Is a Prayer Journal?

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To say that the burdens and errands of the modern day weigh us down would be an understatement.

The seemingly endless string of obligations and commitments to which we have pledged ourselves to has the negative side effect of impacting our daily lives.

They intrude onto the time we would otherwise have dedicated to personal and spiritual endeavors.

One such endeavor is to take some time out of our day to properly give thanks to our Lord through the cleansing act of prayer.

However, even though we might wish with every ounce of our strength to sit down and resign ourselves for some calm contemplation, the worries of our modern world often leave our minds clouded, disrupting our attention to praying.

It is in cases such as these where a prayer journal shines.

What Is a Prayer Journal?

A prayer journal, for all intents and purposes, is a simple book, diary, or journal in which you can write down your thoughts. The real beauty of the prayer journal comes from the meaningful purpose that it serves.

This purpose is to provide you with a clear template on which you can pen down the thoughts and praises you would otherwise have silently whispered within your mind during prayer.

The benefit of a prayer journal is that it encourages one to keep focused as they immerse themselves in their exercise of devotion.

This allows the act of writing to keep the mind active and present, not allowing it to wander as it often does when it is not preoccupied with physical tasks.

It is for this very reason that a prayer journal is a perfect solution for those whose minds are too taxed by the labors of their daily home and work lives.

A prayer journal provides them with a means with which they can properly commit themselves to prayer without the addition of self-imposed guilt and admonishments over the fact that their minds keep wandering when they should not.

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Why Use a Prayer Journal?

All that being said, a prayer journal is not simply a device or means with which one can use to reign in their mental thoughts.

No, a prayer journal is also so much more; it is also a space that is dedicated to housing your own personal thoughts and contemplations.

It offers a space in which you can reflect on your prayers of the past, and a time during which you can pen down the passages or words of our Lord that impacted you most, that caused you to think, and that caused you to reevaluate something within your personal life.

Furthermore, your prayer journal also serves as a physical representation of your words and worships said during prayer, a fact which has aided hundreds of the faithful in reaffirming their conviction to the teachings of our Lord and His holy followers.

It is a tool to aid people in upholding their promises and pledges that they have made onto Him. For this very reason, your prayer journal is a deeply personal treasure to which only you and the Lord are privy to.


In addition to serving as a space in which you can humble yourself to the wisdom of our Lord, your prayer book also serves as a testament to your devotion to Him.

A physical representation of your prayers made manifest and given form through the ink of your pen. Just as your prayer journal is an object of your devotion to Him, it is also an object of your devotion against the Enemy.

It acts as both a spiritual protector and weapon against the devil and his sinful servants and temptations.

In some respects, your prayer journal is your very own sacred and holy weapon against the fallen angel, a Holy object that we give praise to our Lord for so generously empowering and gifting us, his favored children.


However, just because your prayer journal is a personal sacred item and symbol of your devotion, it does not mean that you cannot find one which also visually appeals to you.

Ideally, you will find one onto which you can inject your personality and creativity by decorating it to your liking.

That said, the inverse also remains true.

If you feel that physical decorations and embellishments are not needed, that the strength of your devotion needs not the frills of vanity but the unassuming humility of a monk, then you can also go for an elegant but simplistic journal.

For example, you can choose one with plain and straightforward colors and covers to house the inked forms of your prayers.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, one’s prayer journal is a tool with which you can fight against the troubled thoughts of our modern world that cloud our minds, and fully commit yourself to the humbling exercise of devotion to our heavenly Father.

Hopefully, this brief description of what a prayer journal is was not only enlightening but also inspiring, leading you forward to creating a prayer journal of your own.

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