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Why was Christianity Successful? The Short Version

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Today, Christianity is the most popular religion around the world.

Though it started in Jerusalem after the death of Jesus Christ, it has expanded to every corner of the world.

According to Wikipedia, Christianity is the world’s largest religion.

There are over 2.4 billion Christians in the world.

Christianity is a monotheistic religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

However, the success of Christianity did not come easy.

They filled it with bloodshed and violence.

Many Christians had to suffer and undergo horrific punishments because of their faith.

Some Christians were imprisoned, others were stoned to death, others were crucified, and they killed many in shocking ways, but they could not denounce the religion.

Because of challenges, many people would have thought Christianity would fail.

However, the faith and determination of Christians made the religion successful.

Today, Christianity is one religion in the world with many followers.

A religion that started as a Jewish Christian community has become the world’s largest denomination.

Why was Christianity successful?

According to various documentaries, there are many reasons Christianity spread like a bushfire.

The main reasons Christianity was successful include the promise of eternal life and salvation for all, fairness, and the miracles and healings performed by prophets.

This showed that God was more powerful than the other gods and anyone was welcome in the religion.

Also, most early converts were gentiles who were happy because, with Christianity, all you needed was to believe in Jesus Christ. 

It required no money or major additions for someone to join the faith. 

To become a follower of Jesus Christ, all you needed is to believe and be baptized.

According to Christian faith, everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord.

Whether you are poor, rich, Jew, Gentile, circumcised, or uncircumcised, you are welcome to join Christianity.

There is no difference between the poor and rich people, slaves and kings, or circumcised and uncircumcised.

Also, any gender, race, or tribe was welcome to be the follower of Jesus Christ.

During the early days, they divided society into classes.

Some people or races were inferior to others; However, Christianity was equal to everyone. 

Many people converted to Christianity because it promised salvation to everyone, it did not exclude anyone.

Another major reason Christianity was successful is because of the missionaries.

Christian missionaries played a big part in establishing Christianity on various continents. 

They helped to establish schools and hospitals in poor countries. 

They provided reading materials for free to the new believers.

Luckily, spreading the word of God was considered a duty and an honor among the Christians.

The martyrs refused to give up on the religion. 

Many were killed, imprisoned, and others crucified just because they converted to Christianity. 

Those who were imprisoned did not denounce their faith.

Christianity continued to grow even in hostile areas around the world.

The structure of the church was also one reason the religion became prosperous.

There were church elders, bishops, deacons, and others who helped in its growth.

This means there is no single reason that can be quoted as being behind the success of Christianity.

The above factors contributed to the rise of Christianity.

Other reasons early Christianity was successful

A successful Christian woman

Men of proven character led the church.

From the church elders to deacons and bishops, they were all men of noble character.

They did not get the honor by purchase but through established character.

Many people believed them and desired what they believed and taught.

Also, the church was viewed as a body of believers united by faith, hope, and discipline.

People with life issues would visit the church elders for counseling and healing.

Christians met to pray together and thank the lord for all the blessings.

Another reason early Christianity was successful is that they met regularly to pray together.

They would meet together, offering prayers to Almighty God with a united force.

Even in places where there were no churches, they would meet in homes to pray together.

Praying and worshiping together also helped Christians grow their faith.

Through prayers, it encouraged them, refreshed, and added power to continue serving the Lord. 

In addition, the church elders taught new Christians how they should pray and it filled many with the Holy Spirit.

Christians would also meet to learn from the bible scriptures.

New and old Christians would assemble to read the scriptures.

They would assemble regularly in churches and at home to read the bible.

Through the word of God, Christians would nourish their faith, animate their hope, and learn good habits.

The scripture would also give them hope and show them the way to live.

Reading the scripture also helped them understand the religion better. 

Contributing money to the poor and those persecuted was a noble cause.

Christians would also meet to contribute money to help the poor and families of those persecuted. 

This made many people view the religion as generous and full of good people.

People who were well financially would donate money to help bury the dead and help families in need.

They did not spend charitable money on feasts, drinking wine, or parties.

The good deed made more love the religion, and many were converted.

Churches became known for self-sacrificing love and generous people.

Many people converted to Christianity because they could easily see how Christians loved each other.

The love taught by Jesus Christ was clear in Christianity.

From the church elders to normal Christians, they all loved each other.


In the second century AD, Christianity spread like a bush fire.

The followers of Jesus Christ boldly proclaimed that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior.

Many people believed and were converted to Christianity.

However, many true Christians were reckless.

They were reckless because they would sacrifice their lives to say they were Christians.

Despite harassment, imprisonments, and deaths of the followers of Christ, the religion continued to grow. 

Today, Christianity is one of the most successful religions in the world.